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REDDITORS REVEAL – A Collection Of ‘The Worst Sex Advice People Have Ever Tried’ Including The Most WTF BJ Stories Ever



REDDITORS REVEAL – A Collection Of ‘The Worst Sex Advice People Have Ever Tried’ Including The Most WTF BJ Stories Ever

Nothing in history has ruined more relationships than Cosmopolitan Magazine and their god awful sex advice, but this isn’t about Cosmo (directly), it’s about people who have followed absolutely terrible sex advice and found themselves living out their worst nightmares. Mostly what you’ll read below are stories of BJs gone horribly, HORRIBLY wrong, but there are other stories of people blindly following terrible sex advice and suffering the consequences.

If it’s not obvious enough, everything you see below is BAD ADVICE that led to TERRIBLE situations, so do NOT try any of this at home (or do, who the hell am I to tell you what to do?).

Most of the stories below are considered graphic/explicit, so be sure to click/scroll at your own risk, knowing that there are some stories below that might be considered NSFW:

While dating my ex, who was new to everything, she was told by a friend to chew on ice and blow me as it would feel good. She had never done really anything so when we tried this out, she chewed the ice and literally blew on me. Never put me in her mouth, just blew cold air onto my d**k.

This is a BAD idea:

Trojan fire and ice condoms. Why?

One in the Pink nineteen in the stink.

That’s called The Korean Tour Bus.

This one’s a doozy, one that would leave any normal man (and woman) scarred for life:

My ex wife heard it’s easier to swallow if you go all the way down as he’s cumming. So she gave it a try the next time we got a little wild, she’s never liked the taste of cum, or even tolerated it for that matter, so I gave her the courtesy tap, and she goes all the way down, I wasn’t expecting it, it did the trick to completely finish me off and I blow my load, she coughed, my cum came out of her nose, then she gagged, then she proceeded to throw my dick up, then throw up all over my junk and between my legs and on my stomach and my pelvic region.. it was everywhere. Moral of the story, blow jobs are for before dinner, not after.

Do you want ants? Because this is how you get ants.

A blowjob with nutella covering my d**k.
It was disappointing and ridiculously messy. Never again.

80% of anything in a Kama Sutra book.
Seriously, pulled vaginal muscles and a broken d**k is what you’re looking forward to if you try all the positions and aren’t as agile as a gymnast.

The whole ‘sure fire method to make a girl squirt’ thing. Cue me rubbing and wiggling my fingers around inside there like kermit the frog having a seizure! Strangely enough it wasnt successful.

WHAT THE HELL?!?!??? Seriously, this is just F’d up all around.

I was going down on my ex, and he told me to bite his c**k, chew it hard. And I did.
It was good advice for the person I was with (he seemed to like it well enough), but definitely bad, BAD advice for anyone else. Luckily I have the common sense not to try it with anyone else!

Key & Peele out there ruining lives…

Put the pussy on the chainwax.
Never again.

“Put a finger in her butt while she’s riding you”
It did not end well.

Sex advice brought to you by 4chan:

If you pee in her after ejaculating in her, she won’t get pregnant. I actually just really had to pee, I didn’t ejaculate in her, and it was an accident, but it’s the thought that counts.

Everyone knows this.

Sex in a hot tub.
Not nearly as fun as you’d think.

And last but not least:

rimming (giving rim jobs)
shit tastes like shit


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Any sex with foodstuffs is both gross and a bad idea.

Another gross act is any woman that lives with small dogS in her studio apartment.

Maybe she combines the two when you’re out of town. Dogs like Nutella.

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