REDDITORS REVEAL – Confessions Of The Illegal Things They Got Away With Are So Wrong Yet So Entertaining


We already read about the ways people have cheated on exams. We’ve even read about some of the crazy loopholes that people have exploited. But these stories shared over at “Ask Reddit” thanks to a question posed by Redditor why20not10, they don’t just skirt the issue of being ethical, they are all 100% illegal. And they got away with it!

Is it wrong that I love almost each and every one of these confessions?

As always, don’t try these at home… or anywhere.


Took pictures of cheap wine barcodes and printed them out on sticker paper. Drank expensive wine for years. ~ Matthewroytilley


Childhood best friend’s father was a high functioning alcoholic. Never mean but was a roughneck and would drink like a fish whenever he wasn’t on a site.

Anyways he was out driving one evening and he got into a fender bender, he left the scene and came home. My buddy and I were playing videos games and he comes in and says he needs some help.

The two of us and his sister end up driving the car and two others caravan style to a part of town that was still pretty forested and leaving the car in the shallow drainage ditch next to the road.

The next day a police officer comes by my friends house and his dad answers the door. Officer asks him if he knows where his car is and his dad looks out at the drive way and says “I guess not.”

The cop said that they found his car in a ditch and it looks like some kids must have stolen it and gotten it in a small accident. They towed it to a mechanic and insurance took care of the whole thing. ~ Shmurfy

One night back in college we got super hammered at the bar. They cut us off we were so drunk. So we left and my crazy friend said he heard of the under ground tunnels at ASU (Arizona State). I called bullshit so he insisted on showing me.

We get to Palm Walk and sure enough there are these large panels in the middle of the sidewalk I had never noticed before. We lift these huge steel panels up and there’s a ladder. We crawled down and explored these tunnels for what seemed like an hour or 2. Very dim lighting, large pipes and electrical wiring everywhere and the ceiling was maybe 5 feet or so, we had to crawl over and under plumbing all while ducking our heads and with no flashlights. Pretty terrifying actually. We eventually come to another ladder, go up it and pop out in the middle of the engineering building on the other side of this huge campus which is obviously locked as it’s 3 in the morning at this point. Walk out through the front door of the engineering building and went on our way.

Pretty sure that is like the highest level of trespassing if not worse. It was really cool though. ~HungryMoose1


I was a sex worker for a few years. I used the money to pay for grad school, and then used my degree to get a job in law enforcement.

I was super careful throughout my career so I passed the screenings and background checks with the agency easily. None of my coworkers have any idea that I got here by breaking the law. ~ understatedverb

I’m a movie hopper.

Last Sunday I paid for 1 early morning discount movie ticket.

I watched 4 different movies. I was in the theater for 10.5hrs. I had 4 free soda refills.

$5 ticket + $7 soda = $12 all day theater binge. ~ ISCNU

A friend and I used to run a business in high school where we would hack gaming consoles to play downloaded games. If we ever broke a console by accident we would buy a new console at a big chain store and swap the barcodes and return the broken one. Made a really good amount of money for high schoolers. ~ PM_ME_YOUR_FRISBEE


I went to buy a computer desk for my room from Staples. My car wasn’t big enough to fit it, so I told them I would be back for it. They said I could pay later. Borrowed my roommate’s truck, came back, they loaded it up, I drove away, never paying for anything.

tl;dr I stole a computer desk and the Staples staff helped me do it. ~ jdnels81

It wasn’t intentional, but I somehow found a hidden underground passage into a couple high security buildings.

I simply went through a set of unmarked and unlocked doors in the basement of a public building just curious as to where they went. It opened into a long underground tunnel that connected to a couple high security buildings. I took the elevator up into one of them and found myself in an empty building that was guarded by armed guards and metal detectors at the door. I noped out of there and tried to go back, but the double doors were now locked and the other building had a special keycard access to work the elevator.

I finally just walked through the guard checkpoint. The guards jokingly asked as we walked past where we were hiding because they did not find anyone during their security sweep earlier when the building closed. I simply told them that they must have just missed me and walked out the door as they weren’t trying to stop me. ~ Eskaminagaga

My last year in college we lived in a part of town with all college students in houses. Late Saturday nights, after the parties had died down, my friend and I used to go into houses that looked like they had a party that night and steal liquor. We’d enter the house quietly and snoop around. If someone was home/awake, we’d say “is Sheila here?” in a drunken way and they’d think we just stumbled into the wrong house. We never had to buy liquor our entire senior year. ~ BrushGoodDar

During my college years I would frequent one of those clubs where you had to buy tokens/coins for your drinks. They would sell the tokens at the same place where you check your coat. Anyway, one night while picking up our coats, being all hammered at the end of the night, me and my friends saw there was a huge plastic bag at the token-selling-place. In this bag there were a whole lot of small bags, each with 15 tokens in them (for some reason they sold them this way), and none of the crew was paying attention.

When the lady gave me my jacket and walked off to grab the jackets of my friends, I picked up the bag from behind the counter, put it under my jacket and walked outside. When I was outside, I bolted home. I remember being so fucked up that I felt the need to ‘hide the evidence’, so I put the bag outside of my window haha. Next morning I had class, so I woke up early (and with a mega hangover).

While I was brushing my teeth, some parts of last night started coming back to me and suddenly I realised what I did. I ran to the window, opened it, and saw I hit the motherfucking motherload! In total there were 23 bags of 15 tokens (one token = one beer).

So I did what every sane human being would do: I took em to class. I was celebrated as a hero that day. The next time we went to that club (student night was only on mondays), we felt like kings! I remember getting double rounds (2 beers each) for my friends, buying whole groups of girls drinks and just generally feeling like a motherfucking baller that night. Me and my friends went through all the stolen coins on that single monday-night ~ Martendeparten


I had a neighbor do that with a broken TV. I had bought an LCD TV from BB and it had a big hole in the box and I stupidly failed to check it before taking it home. opened it up, hooked it up and lo and behold the screen is busted. Looks like someone ran a forklift fork through the box. Tried to return it for a replacement, got a lot of shit from the local store manager. Ended up taking the case up to BB corporate and they approved replacing it. BUT, they said they didn’t want the broken one back. So I took it home with the new one, and was talking to my neighbor trying to figure out what to do with a broken TV. So he goes to a different BB, buys the same model, did some switcheroo with the back plate and took the broken one back and asked for a refund. It worked and he got a free TV. ~ theangryintern

I had a friend who worked at Wal Mart and he helped me steal thousands of dollars worth of games, laptops, consoles, and tablets. He later got fired when he got caught stealing a chocolate bar… ~ grassyarse



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