Redditors Reveal – The Creepiest Things Ever Seen On Craigslist And It Will Haunt Your Dreams


Craigslist is, as you know, an utter minefield of WTF.  You truly never know what you are going to see when you log on there.  So when Redditor RajaAlShaitan asked the anonymous masses, “What’s the creepiest thing that you’ve ever seen on Craigslist?” there was no doubt that we were going to be going to a very bizarre place.

Ready to get weird? Here we go…

I love looking through Craigslist ads for shits and giggles. One day I found this ad asking for a female “model” that said NO NUDITY, so I message him to see what his kink is. This guy replies asking me to put on yoga shorts and roller blades, and have someone video me skating, then falling, scraping my knee, and take pictures of myself aiding the knee. Disinfecting, putting a band aid on, etc. He offered me $100. ~ brutalopinion

A few years ago I heard about a guy in Europe that put out a Craigslist ad in search of someone who was going to commit suicide. He wanted them to do it in his home for the sole purpose of eating them after they were dead. The police set up a sting and arrested the man. ~just1moretyme

Guy who wanted someone to pop his hemorrhoid with their teeth tops my list. ~ pewpewpewgg

A guy posted an ad looking for women with “roast beef vaginas” like vaginas that are all hangy and gaped open that resemble roast beef. He also posted several pictures of what he was looking for and the last picture was of a roast beef sandwich and I lost my shit. ~ aj0220

The immense amount of men who post ads for female roomates, rent negotiable based on what the woman would do to earn her room. Just…cringe.~ ValiumCake

Sometimes I browse the casual encounters section for random cities just looking for funny posts. Found a guy in New Orleans who was willing to pay a few hundred dollars for someone to shit on him. That’s it. Exchange money, shit, and leave. I was a broke college student at the time, and I’ve gotta say, if I lived in New Orleans…I mean, there are worse ways to make money. A few things off the Taco Bell value menu doesn’t cost much. Several hundred dollars of profit. I’m not saying I’d definitely do it, but if the opportunity presented itself, fuck it, maybe. ~telemannsucks

Looking through the personals one day and there was a guy that wanted another man to use his testicles as a punching bag. Needless to say I did not respond. ~ Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmm

My friend and I were looking on men seeking women and we saw a guy who was looking for a woman to hang out with him while he had Swiss cheese wrapped around his dick. He said he didn’t need the girl to touch him, just hang out with him. He said he liked Swiss cheese because it was creamy and smooth like a woman and the holes were satisfying. I didn’t think it was real until I came across his okcupid profile years later with more or less the same description. And I’ve heard of girls in my city saying that he drives around with the Swiss cheese on his dick and just looks at women. ~ my_secret_garden

I was looking for shared housing once. There was a post that said “Pregnant Women Only” and the description went on to say something like, I want to house a woman who is pregnant. No boyfriends, no husbands, no friends. And I showed my friend who was pregnant at the time. Bad move. ~ nab0oru

Found an ad posted in the housing section. Dude was offering free rent for up to two people. All he wanted in return was for someone to be his “foot master.” I have no idea what the fuck a foot master is, but I know I don’t want to be one. ~ FeralBadger

I saw one posted forever ago (maybe on here?) When Wreck-it Ralph came out… it was a guy asking for a large guy to play Ralph (in overalls and such) and have sex with his petite gf who would wear a vanellope costume. He’d have to yell out “I’m gonna wreck it” while fucking her…. then the boyfriend would step in, dressed as Fix-it Felix and he would say “I’m gonna fix it” or some shit and he’d finish having sex with the girl… ~ Marysthrow

Just before New Years, I posted a personals ad in w4m. I got an email from a guy who offered to pay me $350 to convince him to not get circumcised. I talked to him for a little bit, and he expressed a desire to pay me for what I had said so far. I set up a venmo account after verifying that it was legitimate, and he sent me $350. I transferred the money to my bank account, and then it really sank in that I had been paid money to convince someone not to get circumcised. His rationale was that “he would have spent a lot more to get the surgery, and it only cost him $350 to be convinced otherwise. I still can’t believe that it wasn’t some sort of scam. ~UseApostrophesBetter

In Phoenix, someone posted an ad seeking a Julia Louis Dreyfus role play. The ad went on to say how much he loved her and owned one of her socks. One. ~ CoderInPhoenix

Okay then…

Redditors Reveal – The Creepiest Things Ever Seen On Craigslist And It Will Haunt Your Dreams

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I didn’t say “Swiss Cheese”, I said “Emmentaler”.

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