REDDITORS REVEAL – Family Secret Confessions That Have Me Thinking Everyone I Know Is A Murderer

REDDITORS REVEAL – Family Secret Confessions That Have Me Thinking Everyone I Know Is A Murderer


Every family has secrets, but usually those secrets are more like ‘Uncle Jimbo crapped his pants during Church on Christmas Eve when he let out a shart’ or ‘Aunt Tinnifer is a hoarder who specializes in collecting vintage Hustler Magazines from the 1980s’.

Well, a bunch of people opened up (anonymously) and shared their most scandalous family secrets. These secrets run the gamut from ‘death’ to ‘organized crime’ to ‘incest’, and everything in between. This is quite the interesting look at how messed up families really are behind closed doors, and I think this is something that you bros are really going to be into reading (it’s particularly eye opening knowing how many murderers there are out there running around free). So let’s check out these juicy family secrets, shall we?

I went to Amsterdam with my younger brother. He’s married to a lovely women and has 2 kids. While there he fucked a huge muscular transvestite prostitute both giving and receiving. We get drunk sometimes and talk about it. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

My great grandfather killed two people and the only person who knew was his wife and myself. I found out after he died when I found his journal in the house. I was the only one really close to him because the family knew he killed his wife. That’s the first thing. No one could prove it, and it was a mercy killing as she had cancer and assisted suicide wasn’t a thing. He was my grandfather though and I loved him. I was told not to spend time with him but did.

When he died I was in his wood shed. He spent a lot of time out there whittling and no one thought to check for valuables out there. The family gutted the house and his son put it up for sale. Out in the wood shed was his journal in a tool box. I read it from cover to cover. He was bullied for years by someone from another family and he eventually drowned him in a creek and left him there. They found his body weeks later after it was washed up elsewhere. They said it was a swimming accident. The journal said he told his wife, who then used this information to get him to kill her because she didn’t want to live any longer but couldn’t get into heaven if she killed herself. The whole thing was so fucked up. I still love my grandfather but goddamn.

When going through my great (great?) grandfathers things after his death, they found his huge, daunting, red KKK hood in the back of his closet, turns out he was the grand dragon of my home town.


I read a blog post about a cult in America, known for exploiting young and vulnerable women, where my Uncle’s wife is described as the leader’s ‘favourite girl.’ Nobody in my family knows she was a part of this cult but I did some research into it. Turns out she named her first born son after the leader, weird.

What the Hell did I just read?!?!?!????

My father is sexually and romantically attracted to me, and would leave my mom to be with me.

Apparently, Uncles are just the worst! My great uncle has been cheating on his wife for over a decade with a woman in another county. Every weekend he leaves to go to ‘work’, but he has been caught out numerous times, and we know what he’s up to. His wife and kids just accept it now, which is kinda sad.



For the longest time, I thought I was named after my father. Found out a few years ago that I’m actually named after a stillborn baby that my father had in a previous marriage that was named after him. My mother named me after that baby, against my father’s wishes.

My older cousin is very wealthy, lives in the nice part of town, has a beautiful wife, healthy kids, and a luxurious life style. Apparently, the first kid his wife and he had had down syndrome and they gave her up for adoption because of it, instead of the lifestyle. No one talks about it and I don’t know if the kids he has now know about it.

My grandfather’s side of the family were not nice people.
While most people have heard of the Italian Mafia and they get all the attention in movies it seems most people don’t realize that pretty much every immigrant group had its own version of criminal organization.
My great-grandfather and his brothers were higher up in the Bohemian/Eastern European “Mafia” in Illinois. Now they are more commonly known as the Russian Mob. My grandfather was even an errand boy for them, collecting money and delivering packages when he was young.
The ironic part is my grandmother’s father was the Cook County Sheriff and later a judge there.

My late uncle tortured and mutilated the adult cousin who repeatedly raped his *sister. He purposely kept from killing him, cauterizing his wounds so he wouldn’t bleed out and so the scarring wouldn’t be repairable. He made very sure he’d never be able to rape *again.


One of my cousins hired a hitman to murder his uncle.

My cousin D has some issues. She is addicted to Oxy, and currently has two children who could be taken away any day now. She steals constantly. My Aunts live near her, and they had to take her key away because she kept pawning stuff from their house (presumably to buy drugs). She even sold one of their cars once.
D was always taken care of by my great grandparents, and, after they both passed, she was left everything (This was before the drugs). She pretty much sold all of their belongings and kept the house. My grandfather, as far as I know, was unable to retrieve any of his mother’s belongings.
D also molested someone in our family by asking them to “Do what her boyfriend does.”
D will be in jail soon.

And the last one…this one’s a doozy:

Made a throwaway for soon to be obvious reasons.
This is actually a story about several family members, and I have decided that I would never divulge this to anyone–not even my SO, I don’t care if we got married. Something about this toxic legacy makes me feel like I myself am tainted by this bullshit so I like to hide this family secret in some really deep dusty old memory bin.
My mom was raped when she was 14 and gave birth to a son. The father of the kid was alleged to be some random guy in her hometown and he was disgraced after the kids birth. My mom gave the kid up for adoption, and he was taken care of by close relatives–my grandpa would become his legal guardian. This is in the deep South and abortion was wrong–no exceptions. OF course, thats not the only sterotypical Southern trope you’ll find rings true in this story but we’ll get there.

The kid grows up, and he’s kind of fucked up. He’s a huge troublemaker and just can’t stay on the straight and narrow. My mom never really wanted anything to do with him, and we all knew he was aware of this. More than likely it contributed to his behavior issues. I was a little kid when I met him, and he was much older by about 10 years. He didn’t like me, and I didn’t like him.
My mom died and that was the last I heard of him. We all moved on and I lived with my dad following her death. I always wondered why my mom hated the kid so much.
One day, I was getting wasted with a cousin of mine and she started talking about an uncle I’d never met who lived in fucking Seattle, WA. He moved really far away to be away from his family and I simply never knew him. Well, my cousin was really drunk and she looked me in the eye and said “It’s time you knew something”. She pulled out two photos, one of the uncle I didn’t know and one of my older half-brother, the kid my mom hated.
They looked exactly the fucking same.
Yep, turns out the guy who raped my mom at 14 and got her pregnant wasn’t the poor sap riding around town. It was my fucking uncle, my mom’s older brother.
If you’re wondering how my mom died, well she killed herself. After learning that, its not hard to imagine why.
TL;DR My older half-bro is also my cousin.

So the next time you’re at a family gathering and you’re getting annoyed AF at your mom because all she wants is a photo of the whole family together I want you to stop, and remember these stories for a moment, and think about how goddamn normal your life is in comparison.

Do you really care that much if your uncle gets hammered and tells you that you’re the reason his brother (your dad) isn’t fun anymore? Thinks could be a lot worse, you could have a serial killer KKK great-grandfather and a half-brother who is also your cousin.


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