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REDDITORS REVEAL – The Most F’d Up Things They’ve Ever Walked In On And This Is Why Locks Were Invented

Have you ever walked in on someone doing something that you probably weren’t supposed to see? I think we all have at some point in our lives. Heck, it’s so prevalent it’s pretty much been a staple of sitcoms since television was invented.

That being said, you’d be hard pressed to top the answers to this question posed by RedditorROPISUS, “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever walked in on?”

Then again, maybe you can top these. And if so, please do let us know about it in the comments. We are always up for some additional entertainment.


My old roommate and her boyfriend tripping shrooms in the living room. He wanted to have sex but she couldn’t because she was seeing his penis as a ferret. ~ drunkenbusiness

Walked into my dorm. One room mate was sitting doing homework at desk, and the other was having sex on her bed. ~ KitKatMasterJapan

An ex of mine was laying in her bed with her shirt pulled up, and her sister and mom were sitting in the bed, admiring her tits. ~ boyvsfood

Walked into the bathroom to see another student sitting on the urinal with his pants down. I assume he was taking a shit. ~ IGotEbolia

When I was about 5, I went over to my friend’s house and knocked on the door to see if he could play. The door wasn’t latched, so it swung opon after I knocked. His sister was standing in the hallway just past the main room, but in full sight of the front door, with her skirt hiked up, and she was picking something out of her pubic hair (yes, no panties).

I stood there for a long time wondering what was going on because I’d not yet seen a nude woman (mom was modest) so I didn’t know what I was seeing, actually. Just as it dawned on me I was seeing bare lady parts, she looks up and me, slaps her hand to her cheeks and screams (so the dress dropped). I had also never had a grown woman scream full volume at me, so I tripped backwards and fell off the stairs as she ran forward and slammed the door.

I ran home and told mom. Of course, at the time I didn’t get it, but mom had to calm down her son while suppressing giggles for the next half hour or so. ~ DronedAgain

The strangest thing I walked in on was one of my roommates in college watching his gf getting fucked by this other dude while he was masturbating. ~ NAME

I got off a couple of hours early from my nightshift at a retirement home to find my roommate (male) in full drag wearing the dress from Disney’s Tangled, beating his dick like it owed him money. I just stood there is shock for a second, said “what the hell?” I got a deer in headlights expression before he scampered down the hall to his room, blonde wig flying behind him. He avoided me like hell until his lease was up a month later and moved. ~ ODI-ET-AMObipolarity

Happened yesterday. I walked in on a 75 year old male patient squatting over a small trash can in his room. He then yelled at me to get him toilet paper. ~ Average_Jane_

Used to work at an exhibition about Tutankhamun, walked in on a middle-aged couple making out and groping each other behind a replica of King Tut’s headdress. ~JimMorrisonFuckedMe

It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to study in the dorm lounge. I walked in on the weird guy on our floor literally fucking the sofa cushion. Apparently he had cut a slit in the foam because I saw some in-and-out action that I’ll never be able to erase. ~ laterdude

A church organist rehearsing and when he missed a note. He screamed obscenities. Then he would return to play beautifully then miss a note a curse again. Bizarre. ~ peterdarock

My dad once ate some of my special cookies and I walked in on him trying to put baby socks on my dog. Told me, “Every animal should have warm feet.” ~ Justin_Timberbaked

A threesome three of my friends were having in a hot tub. My other friend pulled up a chair, so I did the same. It was pretty awkward.

Shortly after two of the people in the threesome got into a relationship. And they’re engaged now. ~ jilliefish

My sister masturbating with her brush. ~ malleus__maleficarum

One time when I was like 7 or 8 I was at my grandparents house. I opened my Grandmother’s bedroom door and I guess she didn’t hear me. Her back was to me and she was completely naked, holding a mirror with one hand, about waist level, and smacking her ass with the other hand while saying “spank. spank. spank.”

I slowly closed the door and never spoke of it again until this day. I’m 30 now. ~ CDC_

Yeah… I don’t think we can top that one.


REDDITORS REVEAL – The Most F’d Up Things They’ve Ever Walked In On And This Is Why Locks Were Invented

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