When former prisoners share the creepiest, scariest, weirdest things that they saw while in prison you know things are more than likely going to go way off the rails.

It’s stories like these that get taken and turned into entire horror films or at least a segment on some crime show.

Now, thanks to Redditor boblo1121 who asked the masses, “Former prisoners of Reddit, what was the weirdest/scariest/creepiest thing you saw in prison?” we get to learn these stories before that ever happens.

Cool, uh, right?

You be the judge. Pun intended.

When I was in NY prison, I saw someone get a buck 50. The worst though is a practice where someone will heat up babyoil or Vaseline, sometimes throw shit like rice in it, and throw the scalding hot concoction at another person’s face. They will literally peel their skin off trying to get it off them.

The oddest thing I saw was an older white man would shit himself, because he had such an extreme aversion to going to the showers, or bathroom. His fear was completely unfounded, as that “rape” shit is a misconception. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but it is extremely unlikely.

I’ve seen a lot of extortion (usually gang members going after a young white kid) “friendly extortion” where a person says they’ll look out for you and make sure your commissary doesn’t get taken if they buy them X,y,z. I say white people because they generally are alone, not gang affiliated and not used to being locked up. It depends on the person. Wolves exist in all colors, as do sheep. When I was in Jersey prison, I saw a lot more white gangs (AB,Sps,Dwb) but the mentality there was different (more stick with your own and they weren’t on the same bullshit as the bloods and crips). I’m white, never had issues like extortion and the one fight I got in was in a “gladiator school” which is generally a prison comprised of people below a certain age. The fight was over a sneak thief, some blood trying to steal my commissary. Nothing came of that, as being a thief is frowned upon and he had few lumps and hurt pride to show for it.

TL;DR microwaves and oil are bad, gangs are mostly full of scared people that need a group to be respected,don’t fuck with a man’s ramen noodles and honey buns. ~ irishpride0220

Gnarliest things I saw in 31 months of incarceration (in no order):

– Baby oil + 190 degree water directly to the face (4 times total).
– Someone got clipped with a lock in a sock just beside their nose and that part of the face got caved in a little.
– The worst was seeing a dude get caught just right with a cribbage board. Eyeball was hanging out a little.

There was also a bunch of small stuff/regular fights, chicken hawks operating, weak people being taken advantage of. Guards beating the shit out of guys, suicides. ~ solid_diarrhea


Not me, but my old housemate told me some shit he saw in prison.

This one guy narked on these guys for doing prison tatts, so they found him in the rec room, beat the shit out of him, then two of them ripped the tv off the wall (the old CRTs), and literally smashed it on his face. ~ Kl3mm

Pretty tame story from county, but not bullshit. Guy snorted two fat lines of salt for a bag of chips. The owner of the bag of chips had compassion after he did the first line and didn’t make him snort the second. Guy who snorted the lines definitely had fetal alcohol syndrome. He was happy as a clam after he lay down for half an hour. “I would do it again.” ~ DepressionsDisciple


I was only in for ten days, waiting for a hearing over Christmas is a bitch, but in those ten days I saw two chicks fling themselves off the top set (our block was like a big open chow room/tv room with two stories of cells surrounding it. First floor = first set, second floor and the surrounding walkway to access those cells= second set) trying to commit suicide. Shortly after Christmas, we got a new chick, pegged at a suicide risk. She was kept entirely separate from the GP and when she was taken out of her cell for showers, they kept her in a pole-catch (One of those things you see animal control use to keep a dangerous animal under control and away from themselves.) throughout her shower until she was back in her cell. ~ chaoskitten92


Was in segregation and got zero sleep one night because the cell next to me had some dude who was coming down off some serious drugs. The guards had to remove his clothes and hose him down because he literally shit everywhere and pretty much painted his whole cell with feces. Saw the aftermath the following day. ~ toy_story_sid


People using each other’s needles. People digging crack out of their shit then unwrapping and smoking it. Women having sex for a few jolly ranchers. This was in county jail. I am a female and did around 9 months. ~ traceyh415

I was locked up on 3 diff occasions, all related to the initial case.

My 1st night in holding, before being sent to prison, this dude was high on crack and just kept yelling like a fucking lunatic and at one point threw piss and shit at a guard that came to shut him up.

Later, when I was transfered to prison, this creepy old dude was offering me muscle relaxants in exchange for my watch. Told him no, kept insisting and getting close to me in a very creepy manner. Was saved by guards when they called my name and told me I was being transfered to a diff section.

The 2nd time I was locked up, while I was in the bull pen ( the cells where they keep new inmates before searching and sorting them), this dude managed to sneak in some weed and a lighter.. Watched him for 20 mnts trying to push it out of his asshole. It was all neatly wrapped in saran wrap, and I won’t lie, I took a few hits when it was offered. No foul taste or smell.

The 3rd and final time, I was booked outiside my city, so I was transferred to a prison an hour away from my place. They put me in this wing that was full of nazis/skin heads. I’m latino, but I look like a regular white dude, so they didn’t really bother me. I was only there for 3 days, but during that time, I saw a fight break out and this dude was tossed down a flight of stairs and beaten to a bloody pulp. Word got around that he had snitched and they don’t take too kindly to snitches inside.

On my final night, they once again switched me to another wing and my cell mate was this spanish guy. He was beyond happy, because he only spoke spanish and some broken english. Turns out he was in for having killed 2 people in a robbery gone wrong. Scary af, considering we were bunk mates, but he was a pretty cool guy. Says he killed them in self defense ( they all say that) but his story made sense. ~ CarlosDanger21


My friend got locked up for 2 years for GTA said a gang killed a guy for snitching by sticking a broom handle up his ass about half way up and left him bent in half, ass up in a trash bin in the laundry room. ~ mattdamonsleftnut

Spent 5 months in jail and became a trustee around the second month. Whenever one of the inmates broke a sprinkler/flooded their cells/made any sort of mess the guards didn’t want to deal with they called in the men in white. Well one night I was laying on my bunk when they called over the intercom and told us to get dressed and ready to go clean. They took us down to the padded cell where a guy that they had forcefully removed from the block a few hours earlier decided he needed some attention. They made us get into full bio suits with shields and everything and sent us in. There was SHIT on every inch of three of the four walls in the room. He wrote death threats with his poopoo and I had to clean that shit off the walls while he was in a restraint chair yelling obscenities at us while we did. I wasn’t even angry at the time really, but I was super impressed with how much shit he was able to conjure up on the 1800 calorie diet we were on. ~Ionlywearplaid


And here’s one from the other side of the bars…

As a former correctional officer in Texas, in my short 3 year career there I witnessed a man getting his face smashed in with a coffee pot, a guy murdered with a boot, and found sex toys made of everything you can possibly think of. It was wild, man. ~ ButterDunker

Check out the rest of the responses (especially the ones I literally couldn’t share here) over at Reddit.


REDDITORS REVEAL – Former Prisoners Shared Tales About The Creepiest, Scariest Things That They Saw In Prison

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