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REDDITORS REVEAL – Sex Workers Shared Stories Of The Most G-Rated Things They’ve Ever Been Paid To Do And LOL At These Fetishes


REDDITORS REVEAL – Sex Workers Shared Stories Of The Most G-Rated Things They’ve Ever Been Paid To Do And LOL At These Fetishes

Back in college I studied abroad in Panama City, Panama. My intention was to take some upper-level Spanish Lit courses while I was there to bang out a minor in Spanish but when I got there the classes were no longer being offered, so I ended up taking ‘Human Sexuality’, a Psychology elective course. The class met M/W/F, from 1:30-3:30. There were no exams, only one-page response papers that were due every class and had to be written on something that we read in the textbook from that day’s homework. One class we took a ‘field trip’ that involved the teacher signing out the school van and all of us going to a local brothel (prostitution is legal and regulated in Panama), and we paid prostitutes to talk to them about their jobs.

Needless to say I only heard raunchy stories, mostly depressing, and nothing like the G-rated stories below from sex workers who were paid to indulge very weird requests. Seriously, who in the hell has a mermaid fetish? Let’s get to the stories before I ramble any more, shall we?


This guy had a mermaid fetish, so he wanted me to flap around on the floor like a fish who couldn’t breathe, so he could “save me.” In his roleplaying fantasy, he took me to seaworld where I would live the rest of my days(I guess he thought it was a nice place).
It really wasn’t a gag either, he requested this on multiple occasions over a period of months, and paid quite a bit for it.

Run over his foot. We had a regular who would always come in and want a girl to sit on his stomach fully dressed and listen to his stories about being run over by hot girls in cars. That was his fetish. One night I was leaving work and he was waiting for me, came up to the car window and begged me to run him over. I told him to leave and started driving off but he stuck his foot under the wheel. The following night I turned up to work and he was waiting for me, gave me $50 for running over his foot (he wasn’t injured). I have lots of other stories…

(he wanted to) Vacuum my room while I was on cam. In lingerie, but not naked or doing anything sexual.

Story about a friend of mine on his birthday: Got real drunk at a club, we were all staying at this hotel at the end of the night.
We got back at around 2am and my birthday friend announces hes not going tonight without sex so hes going to the brothel, ask anyone to join him. He had one other person go along.
After about 2 hours they burst back through the door and he is furious and the other guy is crying with laughter.
He paid for the hooker, they went into the room at the brothel and chatted for 5 minutes before he says to her: “You’re too pretty for this, lets leave here and I’ll buy you Mcdonalds.” Shes says that shes only been working for a week and then starts crying. He being the stand up gentleman says dont worry about sex, we’ll just spoon for the remaining 45 minutes that I paid through my nose for.
They got in the taxi to go home, and his drunken ass had a moment where he thought she was ‘the one’ so he tried to jump out and rescue her but my friend grabbed him and kept him in the taxi. He was angry the whole way home after he realised he didnt have sex after all…


Not a sex worker, but a guy paid me $400 to kick him in the balls and then walk on him in my shoes (fully dressed- like I said, I’m not a sex worker) Ok, easiest money ever made. Did that again several times after I found I that there is actually market for that stuff. Took a trip to Europe for 20 days.

We are in the Bahamas, and my two friends decide they want some paid female action. So the taxi driver takes is to a strip club. I’m a bit vanilla when it comes to this stuff , so i decide to hang out with the bouncer. My one buddy is a degenerate, so he’s already cataloging who he’s going to ask to the vip room. My other buddy who is a degenerate wannabe decides to join him in his quest. They find two working ladies, and head to the back.
The rest of the story is told from the view of my degenerate friend. He’s happily getting a lap dance which evolves into a hand job while he’s vigirously slapping the girl’s ass. He looks across the room and sees or other buddy sitting there with his girl in his lap. Our buddy speaks Spanish, and it turns out the girl is from the same Latin American country as his parents. She starts crying and talks about how she was tricked into coming here and has no idea how to leave. All while wearing pigtails and a sexy catholic school girl uniform. Our buddy was just flabbergasted and kept reassuring her and patting her on the shoulder. He said he looked across the room and all he saw was our degenerate friend having his girl twerking on him and him whooping like a cowboy. And here’s my wannabe degenerate friend consoling the stripper he’s with. He ends up giving $300 for 20 mins of consoling, and then we left.



I had a college roommate who paid $250 for a hooker to come to our dorm room and teach him how to dance. I showed up at the end of it and damn if he couldn’t actually dance.

Not a sex worker, but I’ve got a friend who is a stripper. She has a few regulars who come in to see her and all they want to do is cuddle and talk. No lap dance, no taking her top off, just talking.

Active fs (full service) sex worker here, probably the tamest session was I was taken on a road trip to see the ocean for the first time by a really sweet, established guy.
Was pretty funny, I first met him while I was moving and we chatted up on first class. Cut to a month later or so he responds to an ad of mine, saying that he was the spry one I shared wine with on that 747. The road trip was the 4th time I saw him about, he wanted to show me how pretty Oregon was and his favorite sights along the coast.
I was barely 21 at the time and it was the first time I saw the ocean, which was pretty awesome. He even offered driving lessons, which I just had to giggle and decline out of the awkwardness. We shared some weed tincture and eventually retired to less g rated festivities but it certainly was something else

This guy’s main ‘thing’ was having his belly button played with, hence having girls sit on his belly. He liked to talk about having his belly button run over and liked to stick his finger in my belly button. He also used to get me to stand on his belly in heels with the heel in his belly button, putting all my weight on it until I thought I would do serious damage. I had to keep a pair of full brief cotton undies and track pants in my work locker to wear on his bookings, he liked the casual look lol. Any girl who has worked brothels in Sydney, Australia will know who I’m talking about.
Also I was offered money to walk on slugs and snails in bare feet while the guy filmed it (different client). He had a bag full of them. I declined and he spent the booking telling me how he discovered his fetish and how there is a whole subculture of this sort of thing online and he swaps videos with other guys.


Former prostitute here. My deaf client (who usually just asked for sex) once wanted me to model a pair of floral stretch-pants for him. Ok, grandma.

Not sex worker but a stripper. This man would just pay me to sit and talk to him, and wouldn’t want me to dance at all. He owned some cookie hut company, and would always bring me a bunch of cookies when he’d get there. He was just lonely, but sweet.

Ohh I just remembered another one (probably not really G rated but it was from my point of view). There was a guy who used to come in and get me to help him dress in women’s clothing. He was a big solid bloke, lived with his parents and obviously needed somewhere private to indulge his fetish and someone to help do up his bra and get the stockings on his massive legs. Then we’d just hang out and talk. I miss being a sex worker so much. Now I work ten times as hard for a tenth of the pay and am treated with much less respect.

Most of the things I do with my clients do not even involve sex at all.
Mostly chatting, sharing stories, eating out sometimes. I’ve had a couple of regular guys massaging my feet, which is nice too.
I’d say that sex work isn’t even about the sex a lot of the time.


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I had a sex worker who insisted on massage and sex. She wanted the massage and promptly fell asleep.

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