REDDITORS REVEAL – Sexual Fetishes They’ve Kept Hidden From Their Partners So Get Ready For Some Serious TMI

REDDITORS REVEAL – Sexual Fetishes They’ve Kept Hidden From Their Partners So Get Ready For Some Serious TMI

Sometimes secrets are secrets for a reason. That’s especially the case with some of the sexual fetishes these people over on “Ask Reddit” revealed when asked, “What’s the fetish you haven’t told your SO about?”

Hell, I didn’t even know some of these fetishes were actual things. Not that I should be surprised. If there is a fetish to be had someone, somewhere in the world is going to have it. There literally is nothing in the world that doesn’t turn someone on somewhere.

People are so bizarre.

Don’t know why, but I like to be beat up. The last girl I was with seriously injured herself punching me in the head, but it was super hot. My girlfriend probably wouldn’t go for it and I don’t want another girlfriend with broken bones.

One of my greatest fetishes is finding a woman like Rousey or some Amazonian woman to beat the hell out of me while riding me, then pound the fuck out of her. Oddly enough, I don’t want to inflict any sort of injury on the woman I’m with though. I’m fucking weird or something. ~ Miker_Z

I have a super weird fetish. I like bigger girls and guys for the most part (I’m bisexual) – which isn’t a fetish, that’s just a preference. However, my girlfriend is thin but I still find her attractive and unbelievably beautiful and that’s totally cool by me and I don’t want her to change.

I have a weight gain fetish. Basically, I get off to the idea of making my partner fatter. There’s a lot more that goes into that though – I’m more dominant but like the sweeter side of things. It’s more like this “i want to take care of you in excess” kind of thing that turns me on, and as I’ve mentioned, I like my partner bigger quite generally. If I were to ever realistically express this fetish, it would strictly be in role-play. Everybody that I know of that has this fetish have this same basic tenet. I understand that there are health risks tied to obesity, so I’d rather keep things safe and fantasy-driven.

As far as my girlfriend is involved, she’s into the whole sub thing and doesn’t like things too rough which is perfect for me. I would never want her to gain weight for me because she’s a very health conscious person and I truly love her the way she is and all I want for her is for her to be happy. I’ve actually lost 60 pounds before and know for a fact that obesity can affect your mood. A fetish is easy to overcome when you truly enjoy being around and loving somebody.

It’s super weird but I really can’t help it. Trust me. I wish I could. ~ Wicked_Garden


He knows how much I’m into being tied up/spanked/etc. He doesn’t know about how much I want to tie him up in elaborate rope bondage or a leather harness, spank his ass red, and ride his face into the sunset while he calls me “ma’am.” ~ shadowlev


I really want my wife to sit on my face, like kind of straddle my mouth with her knees on either side of my head, her facing the TV and playing video games while I go down on her. And have her just kind of be really casual about it all, like “yeah I’m playing video games while I get eaten out, this is what I do.” ~ CDC_

I want to role play as a total brat. Like I want to act seriously unnecessarily bitchy to him, all day. Disagree with him, go out of my way to do the opposite of what he tells me, ignore him, “accidentally” hurt him like shoving or stepping on his toes, “forgetting” to do something or go somewhere, pick him up the wrong food. I’m taking all day super bitchy stuff, then he gets to hate fuck me when we get home. He’ll remind me of everything I did and punish me for it all the while calling me dirty names. And I’ll keep saying I’m sorry but it won’t matter because he knows I’m just a brat. ~ civilpanda

That I am actually a Domme. I am very bored with my boyfriend, don’t get me wrong he’s the perfect gentleman, but sometime I want to degrade and humiliate him, have him worship and submit to me, lock him up in a chastity belt and decline his very high sexual urges. ~ ComMEOWder


I love to be choked. Like, damn near almost about to black out choked while she rides on top of me and uses my neck as a pole to help her grind.

I had one gf that helped me with this fetish. Haven’t told my wife about it. But it gives me an amazing orgasm. ~ User53246


Lightly mentioned in passing, but never got really serious about it. I want to watch him destroy someones ass. I want to bring a third person into our sex life and just have them destroyed and humiliated sexually on my command. ~ shibaimeow


I’ve never told any of my SO’s but I would love to seduce another girl while he watched. And then have him watch again as me and her go at each other. ~ TA704


Lactation / adult breastfeeding.

I didn’t know this was even a thing until we had kids. Three years later, she no longer produces and it’s all I want to do. She never knew just how much it turned me on. I don’t know why I was ashamed of it. But Jesus is it hot to me. ~ stay_private

I want him to treat me like a sex doll and get really pathetic and gross about it, acting however he would alone and go crazy. I’d want him to lick my face too and make pretty gross sex noises. ~ chocolate787


I have many fetishes, foot fetish – check, ass fetish – check. I’m pretty much game for anything. Now there is one I never tell people about, it is pretty tame but people just think it is weird. I really like to have sex in historical places. For instance, on the USS Midway, in a Spanish fort on Puerto Rico, in Monticello, just famous historical places. I just get the biggest kick out of the fact that lots of depraved sex acts have gone down at historical places and I’m adding to the list. You know, for those days where you really wanna have a girl sit on your face so you can eat her sweaty ass and also feel historical. ~ Alukain


I think he knows but we havent outright talked about it, I love being forced to be quiet. I’m loud in bed but when someones in the next room and he puts his hand over my mouth. Fucking heaven. Also public sex. ~ Illuminaughty21


I usually date older men, like ten to twenty years older than me. (I’m 22) I want them to treat me like I was their daughter. Not during sex, I don’t want to role play. I want our relationship dynamic to be like a father/daughter one, except it has an obvious sexual component. When we are out in public I want people to look at us and think we are clearly father and daughter, and we are enjoying some time together. Then when we get home it’s the same dynamic, except sex is added.

It’s not something I can ask for normally, and it’s not something I want them to pretend at because I need it to be natural. It’s not really an incest thing, although that doesn’t bother me. It’s the relationship dynamic and subverting society’s expectations by adding sex, and how that actually makes the bond stronger. ~ Niki4Fun

I want to cut her hair off short while we bang hungrily. ~ Hothaircuts


Okay, I think we’re done here.





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