REDDITORS REVEAL – The Sluttiest Things They’ve Ever Done And Now I Need To Try The ‘Flag Game’

Sharing your most intimate stories is about 10,000 times easier when you get to do so under the guise of anonymity. That’s exactly what happened when a thread asking ‘what’s the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done?‘ picked up over 10,000 comments from people sharing their dirtiest stories. If you’re feeling a little sluggish today then this is EXACTLY what you need, because some of these stories will most certainly get your heart pumping. I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say that some of the stories below are obviously of the slightly NSFW nature, so if you’re not ready to read some slutty stories then you should probably turn away now.


Sleeping with someone purely because of their nationality. I went travelling for a year and played the Flag Game, it’s simple, get as many nations flags as possible by sleeping with someone from that country, the rarer the better. Azerbaijan is my best.

Played a strip version of exploding kittens with my wife and my female friend which inevitably lead to everyone being naked which inevitably lead to being naked in a hot tub and drinking some more. Being able to move and touch under the cover of foam and water lead to some exploring of various hands and an impromptu makeout session between my wife and friend basically in my lap which we moved into the bedroom and made the most of in the best birthday present i could ever imagine. TLDR threesome with wife and best female friend on my birthday.

I woke up next to the girl I was seeing and we had sex. I went back to my apartment and showered, then met my ex-girlfriend for lunch. After lunch I went back to her apartment to get some of the things I’d left behind. We wound up having sex. Then I went back to my apartment and showered. Then I went to a party. I met a girl and we hit it off. She took me back to her apartment and we had sex. I didn’t really put together the fact that I’d had sex with three women in under twenty-four hours until the next morning, when I was taking the subway back to my apartment.

I sometimes fuck random people just so i’ll have someone to eat all the baked goods I make. (I live alone so they’d only go to waste when I don’t eat them).

Having sex with someone about 15 minutes after meeting them, in a semi public place, and never knowing their name.

I have been sitting here pondering for many minutes which story was the most slutty.
When I was ready to get over a long-term relationship through lots of anonymous sex, I used Tinder to help me out. I had been talking to this guy for a few weeks and really getting along well with him, so I agreed to meet up. He reeked like cigarettes and was sweaty and nervous. I did it anyway because, whatever, I was there.
I was disappointed in that encounter so I agreed to meet up with another guy who I had been talking to. I drove over an hour away for a second sex date in the same night. We did it for a very short amount of time, and then he got a phone call that his grandpa had died and couldn’t get his dick up for the rest of the night.


me and my friends met this boy M. He became the only guy in our friend group for a while. Somewhere along the way, he admits he has a knee sock kink while we’re playing truth or dare. So, one day we all conspired to wear knee socks to school.
I had him in my first period class, so he saw me first. My seat was right in front of him. All class, I kept standing up slightly as if I was trying to get a better look at the notes on the board, but really I was just trying to see how many times I could shove my ass near his face without him saying anything. He said nothing. But I got a glimpse of his face as we’re leaving, the poor kid was red as fuck. I felt so evil.
The best part was at lunch though, we made sure that we all walked to where we ate lunch together at the same time. We essentially ambushed him.

got kicked out of my catholic school for getting a blowjob on a long school bus trip.

It’s hard to be slutty as a virgin, but i taught a preachers daughter how to masturbate and just corrupted her in general.

I made out with a guy at Target because I thought he was cute and the aisle was empty.

Flashed my pu**y at a bar full of people and let them take pics


Engaged in sexual intercourse for financial reimbursement.

Went out for drinks with my boss’s boss. Had sex with him in his car. Ended up marrying him so it’s all cool.

Got a blowjob from my GF and my best female friend at the same time while ungodly baked. I was too stoned to know what was happening and they stopped before it got really good

Fucked one of my exes behind a dumpster at a bowling alley a couple times. I put a stop to that.

This one missy offered me two cigs to f*ck her.
Totally worth it.

lol i don’t know whether to be ashamed or not but we were drinking and were both really horny. He wanted to eat me out so he did it by pouring the beer into my ass and licked me good. It was amazing.
Dear god I feel like trash for admitting that lol.


Got a blowjob in the confessional, then lost my house keys…God giveth, then taketh away.

I slept with my biology partner the day before our final lesson just so I could make sure I’d banged every biology partner I’d ever had. Never saw her or spoke to her again.

And last but not least…

I am CONSTANTLY letting my life fuck me up the ass.


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