You’re sitting in the lobby waiting to go in for your job interview, mentally answering dozens of possible interview questions. You’ve practiced your answers out loud, in front of the mirror, and to your roommate oh, about 100 times. Needless to say, you’re pretty sure you’re going to nail this thing. But then, instead of asking, “So, tell me about yourself…” the interviewer throws you a curveball: “What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was a truck load of ping pong balls on your lawn?” You just stare at her, mouth gaping open.

Relax. We want you to be prepared for any weird interview question that gets thrown your way, so here, we’ve detailed some of the wackiest ones found on Reddit. Practice answering these in front of the mirror, and you’ll become so good at curveball responses that nothing will be able to throw you off your game:

1.“If you stub your toe on a piece of furniture, do you get angry?”

2.“What’s your favorite cheese? OK, now tell me how that cheese is better than provolone.” 

3. “How do you use your college major outside of school in your personal time?”

4. “What would the title of your autobiography be?”

5. “What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was a truck load of ping pong balls on your lawn?”

6. “If Jack Sparrow and Marko Ramius got into a battle, who would win and why?”

7. “Can you describe this job?”

8. “Do you prefer the sunrise or sunset and why?”

9. “You have 30 seconds to tell me what you would do with this pencil besides write with it.”

10. “If you were a cereal, what type would you be?”

Have you ever been asked a strange question during a job interview? Tell us about it in the comments…


Redditors Reveal – The Top 10 Weird Interview Questions They Were Ever Asked – Answer Them If You Dare

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