Redditors Reveal – Things That Guys Do That Turn Girls On And My God We Are Such Different Creatures

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Men and women are totally different specimen–not just anatomically and emotionally–but the things that make our respective privates’ tingle are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

For example, a man would be turned on by a woman eating a banana because, well, I don’t need to explain that to you. You know. But a woman may be turned on by a man eating that same banana because it shows he cares about getting his daily dose of potassium–a trait indicative of him taking care of his body, which in turn, may be a signal of him being able to nurture your unborn child together.

Getting a glimpse into the mind of a woman is an essential tool for men because our brains are usually not capable of reaching the same conclusions.

The Women of Reddit revealed things guys do that turn them on and I have smooch fucking work to do.


When a guy pulls his shirt off by lifting his hands over his head and grabbing the collar from the back. I dunno what is about that but it does it for me. Nice. Easy enough. Looks like we’re 1 for 1 bros.

Watching him pre-sort the laundry successfully makes me want to rip his pants off and drain him. Can you define the term pre-sort? Do it after I beat this level of Mario Kart, though.

Watching a man use his hands to make or build something. I don’t care if you’re making furniture, sculpting at Michelangelo’s levels, or whittling a garden gnome… use your hands and use them well.  I use my hands all the time! Well mainly just my right one. And no one’s around to witness it. Except maybe my dog.

Smell nice. not overbearing, not cheap. Rely on good deodorant over a cheap spray. Better to smell like “fresh” than “swaggin’ dragon.” *Purchases Sex Panther cologne.*

Watching a guy petting a cat. Especially one of mine. Says the girl who has 14 of them.

Direct Eye contact and a genuine smile. This one is kind of hard if you’re bad at confidence, but if you can do it, who doesn’t like direct attention and a nice smile? Look into their souls, bros.

Forearms. A good set of forearms is equal or greater to biceps. Because a work shirt rolled up looks like you’re working physically on top of working diligently. Showing the entire arm somehow disillusions all mystery, and you either will look like you work out or you look like nuthin’. Or you just masturbate a dick ton.

Licking an ice cream cone when the cream is in the inside of the cone and you’re trying to reach for it. Followed by excessive flatulence because I’m lactose intolerant.

Driving a manual car and changing gear. Especially if their arms go all vascular. I only know one gear, sweetheart. And that’s FULL THROTTLE.


So there it is, bros. All you have to do to make the panties drop is be a mix of Mrs. Doubtfire, The Rock, and Tim the Toolman Taylor. Or just create a Tinder account.




Redditors Reveal – Things That Guys Do That Turn Girls On And My God We Are Such Different Creatures

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I don’t understand women, but I like some things they do with their vaginas.

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