REDDITORS REVEAL – Women Explain What The Female Orgasm Is Like

REDDITORS REVEAL – Women Explain What The Female Orgasm Is Like

If you are a dude, have you every wondered what the female orgasm is like?

Thanks to this question on Reddit:

“I hear that both Clitoral and Vaginal orgasms are different. based on what I read and my own male experience of having different types of orgasms (including multiple orgasms) I think that male and female orgasms might actually be more similar than they are different. That is my working theory anyway. Any and all thoughts appreciated.”

We now know! Read below for their answers:

clitoral orgasm > vaginal orgasm. vaginal is great, but clitoral can last for at least 20 seconds

It feels warm.. and then it feels really warm. Then everything feels good and its like a wave of awesomeness… then it goes away and everything is sensitive and I need water.

(Clitoral) After a few strokes the whole bottom half of my body becomes extremely relaxed. I work up a good rhythm. The pleasure builds up, I hold my breath for a few seconds longer than usual, and I feel it coming. Then an explosion of pleasure takes over everything from the waste down. The feeling trickles down through my legs and everything is completely relaxed. I can literally lay there for hours feeling good in my legs..which is where most of the pleasure is. Either that or I can go at it a few more times. The second orgasm is the most amazing one. It comes faster and it feels at least two times better. By the third one they start getting less and less pleasurable. Around six or seven is when it’s harder to get off, and it feels more numb.

(G-Spot) This one is tricky and takes much longer, but it’s worth it. At first it feels warm; very warm, like an itch you need to scratch. I barely feel anything up until I’m about to come. It’s sort of the same as clitoral at this stage, where I burst with pleasure. It goes all throughout my legs, and they shake like crazy. I can’t walk for a good ten/fifteen minutes after one of these.

Here is another girl who flicked it for science! 

Clitoral: It feels like really hot, but not unpleasant, water building up into a small tsunami surrounding and building up pressure inside my body, behind my clit. It rides its way up my abdomen, spine, and works its way down my extremities, leaving goosebumps in its wake. The waves cause spasmming along their route as my skin tightens; nipples get harder and more sensitive, my face and chest flush. I shake a lot, and the aftermath leaves me breathless. By touching my nipples, you can basically control the rate my pussy clenches during these orgasms. It’s fairly easy to control, to allow or not to allow (or to just force one. They’re easy to come by) myself to have a clitoral orgasm. They often feel like a strobe light of prickly pleasure. Like… if your leg falling asleep felt reallygood, and it happened to your whole body at the same time.

After this, I need a different kind of stimulation. Just laying your hand flat against me and being still for a little while is enough. Then you can start again.

G-spot: I have no control over this one. If you’re hitting it, I’m done for. It makes the clitoral tsunami look like a pebble in kiddie pool. My whole body tightens like a spring, with more pressure building each time it’s hit. When the dam bursts, I nearly blackout. I push you away from me so my pussy can clench itself into oblivion. With every vaginal spasm, the waves pound over my entire body at once and make me completely lose muscle control; I spasm like an epileptic having a seizure. If you talk to me right now, I cannot hear you. I cannot form words. I cannot take a deep breath. The shivers continue ripping through me. If you start thrusting again, I will cum again, or my previous orgasm may not end. No refractory period necessary. It. Is. Bliss.

To get the best of both worlds, get a vibrator with an additional clitoral massage. When one orgasm ends, the other hangs on for a little while. Sometimes B.O.B.s really are the best boyfriends. I go to sex toy parties and pretend it’s to catch up with my girls and to socialize, but I really do want the toys, too.

That being said, nothing compares to actual human interaction. Believe it or not, sex toys aside, I’m a bit of a romantic.

I will share my clitoral orgasm feeling. First you feel it in your inner thighs and it feels warm. Then your can feel the same feeling but warmer and more intense in your lower stomach and the more you try to hold this feeling in, the better it gets. Then snap it spreads out in your whole “downstairs” and it’s more twitching and..what can you call it? Physical feeling? And this keeps going like this for about 15 sek. It’s amazing.

There are lots of different kind of orgasms sort of. Most women (not 100%) will need some sort of clitoral stimulation somewhere along the way. Both clitoral and g-spot orgasms generaly start with a warm pleasurable feeling and you just really really want to be touched an stimulated. Clitoral orgasms are easier to do and you have more controll over them but they often take longer than g-spot orgasm, atleast for me. In general, both G-spot and Clitoral orgasms have this sort of scratching an itch sensation that feels really good untill it builds up sort of in waves to a climax.

With clitoral orgasms they are easier (atleast for me and the women I know) to acheive and if you know what you are doing you an make her cum fast or draw it out for a bigger finish. the orgasm itself ends in rythmic contractions of the vaginal muscles and thats the best part like warm, very intense pleasure that engulfs all your vaginal area/lady parts or whatever. After a clitoral orgasm I get the urge to really be fucked!

A G-spot orgasm for me is much harder to acheive and I generally need a clitoral orgasm first. It feels similar to a clitoral orgasm but more intense and body engulfing. Its hard to explain. Like once I get really turned on and have had a clitoral orgasm I sort of get ‘in the zone’ for a G-spot orgasm and I have to be in that frame of mind to have one. Usually with a g-spot orgasm the climax arives much faster and its that same ‘gotta scratch an itch’ feeling of pleasure. Most orgasms, particularily the climax, are felt in waves because of the vaginal contractions. G-spot orgasm involve the whole body and are often longer and more intense and my whole body spasms. Once I even squirted and my orgasm just like kept going an going!

the BEST type of orgasm is a combo clitoral/g-spot orgasm. My boyfriend will sometimes give me one of these during oral sex or if during penetrative sex if the positioning is just right. I can’t have a good orgasm if I am too distracted or in a bad state of mind. Also the more I like/love the guy the better the sex/orgasms are.

Anyway every single orgasm is a bit different every time and neither type is better than the other. whether its a clitoral orgasm or a g-spot orgasm, each time you cum it differs in intensity, buildup duration etc. No one orgasm is alike.

You know when you watch a really suspenseful movie and at some point you realize that your entire body is wound up and tense? And then, when the suspense finally breaks when the bad guy jumps out of the closet or whatever and there is that feeling or tingles and relief. It’s kinda like that. But really sexy.

During Clitoral I tend to need to clench spasmodically during and even have aftershocks.For gossakes get that blasted vibrating thing away from there NOW! When it is over it is over. During G-spot, strangely I always look to my left as if looking over my shoulder and the nerve bundle at the base of my spine radiates out in ripples of returned warmth that lift me to the top of the wave and then drop me off the froth into the trough. Do not under any circumstances attempt to scratch my back after one of these. I am busy enjoying the afterglow that is like taking a bath in sunlight.

You know that light-headed feeling? Imagine your whole body feeling like that, with a wave as if your entire body is “asleep” (like when your foot falls asleep). I feel really sensitive for a while afterward. I have a ton of energy and I am really excited but then I want to sleep… so I understand when guys just want to sleep!

It is like a warm, tingling wave that starts at your center and just radiates outward. It can be frustratingly blissful as you start to build and then lose it and then build again and each time you start to climb that mountain it becomes more intense and desperate. Perfect orgasm doesn’t take long to start the beginnings of but takes forever to actually reach.

Walking, talking and thinking are difficult for a while and really I feel like someone hit the off switch on any cares I might have. It is like being drunk but better. I call it “Sex Drunk” and it is amazing. I should be stammering, falling over and giggling with a smile plastered across my face.

The nice thing is the fact that we can have multiple orgasms with almost no rest time in between, so in practice you could just have multiple orgasms so close together it just feels like one long orgasm (and I don’t know how you’d tell how many distinct orgasms that is– you just keep on stimulating and it’ll keep on happening).

the female orgasm is a myth.



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