REDDITORS REVEAL – The Worst Reasons They’ve Ever Had Sex And This Is Proof Society Is Fucked

When I first started thumbing through this thread of the worst reasons people had ever had sex I expected it to be sad or depressing, thankfully I was wrong. Most of these reasons are pretty valid, things like I was bored or they needed a confidence booster and things of that nature. In fact, I didn’t really think that these were bad reasons to have sex, not at all.

Let’s check out everyone’s responses before I get to rambling too much, as over 13,000 denizens of the Internet came forth to talk about the worst reasons they’d ever had sex:

“Hey my slutty friend wants to fuck you”… no words were exchanged.

Because she surprised me by waiting naked in my room for me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I didn’t think she was all that. She wasn’t ugly or repulsive, so why hurt her feelings?


Bigger girl at a bar bought me shots and said I probably “suck in bed” – I felt the need to prove her wrong

Pity. He was a perfectly nice guy, not unattractive, but for some reason could never seem to get a lot of interest. I slept with him after a party because I wanted him to feel better about himself.

They had the same name as me.
I thought it would be cool to moan my name during sex.
It was.
Edit to save time: my name is Kyle.

Because she was there, and she kind of followed me home.
Me: “I’m gonna bounce”
Her: “Great, I love your place.”
Me: “Okay”

Because I’d spent the prior couple hours certain that her better looking friend/roommate was trying to get me into a threesome. Hot friend said I should leave the party and go back to their place. Hot friend was playing wingman for her friend. By this time I was already deep enough in it that I thought maybe I’d still have a chance with hot friend.


She said she was a white supremacist…my mother is jewish… So I fucked her just so I could tell her after that she just got fucked by a jew.

Because I was too lazy to give him a blowjob

I needed a place to crash for the night

I thought bitchy girls were hot, and then I continued to have sex with her. For a long miserable year, because I’m an idiot.

It was the last girl I hooked up with before I met my fiancee. She wasn’t too great looking, but I was drunk and horny and she grabbed my package in the bar, so why not.
It’s kind of a fucked up story actually. So we get back to her place with her roommates, one of them being a guy who was hanging out with us that night. Her and I start going at it and this chick is loud. Everyone in the house could obviously hear us. A couple minutes later the dude starts banging on the door yelling at us, asking what the fuck is going on and telling us to shut the fuck up. She has a moment of realization and says “oh my god what am I doing? He and I are dating”. I felt so bad. I messaged the guy the next day and told him how sorry I was. I’m guessing things didn’t work out between them.


He promised me carnitas. I got to his place and saw no carnitas. He had a huge dick tho ¯_(ツ)_/¯

because she wouldnt stop trying to put my wang in her mouth.
a bunch of us at a party were laying down to go to sleep in a room and she kept trying to crawl under my blanket on the floor. eventually i just said fuck it.

Because her name was Storm.
I walked around drunkenly that night, telling all my buddies I had “the X-man dick.”

I had a girl pay my month’s bill if I had sex with her. My month’s bill at the time was $45.. she was a 5.5/10.

When I was a lot younger, I had a female friend who was really not attractive by any stretch of the word. I had no interest in her whatsoever, was strictly friend only.
One night we were hanging out and after a few drinks she confessed that she really liked me and wanted to have sex. I didn’t want to, and told her so. She started crying and telling me how much her life sucked because she knew she was ugly and would never end up with anyone. I tried the good friend approach by just being comforting, and she pretty much jumped me. Pulled down my pants and started going to town. My scotch-addled brain forgot everything and I ended up taking over. Had some of the most awkward, rough sex ever, don’t even think I kissed her once. She was a virgin and that just made things worse.
Once we finished I remember saying “I’m sorry”, and drove her back home. She tried reaching out to me afterwards but I just couldn’t talk to her for a while.
I look at the moment as her wanting to pop her cherry with me, and me going along with it even though I didn’t want to.


She was in a leg cast and thought what a challenge

She cooked me a steak

My buddy bet me a case of Shiner i wouldn’t.

I had been flirting with him all evening to make my ex jealous. In the end I didn’t want to be a cock tease, especially as he was a nice guy.

For tacos. A FWB had some tacos and I said come over and bring them. He showed up and hadn’t brought the tacos because he assumed I was using it as an excuse to invite him over. I still had sex with him but I was pretty upset about not getting a taco.

Last but not least, I think this is one that all of us men can learn from…

He asked very politely.


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