Everyone has had a bout with road rage in one way or another. Whether you were on the giving or receiving end of it, surely you realize how scary it can be to lose control. Fortunately, it can also be quite hilarious, too, which the good people on Reddit were quick to point out in the following road rage tales.Going Bananas

I saw a guy get so mad at another driver that he got out of his car and charged towards the other guy’s car furiously and just smashed the banana he must have been eating right onto the window.Chili Out

worst road rage experiences, reddit road rage, chili out
My roommate in college was coming back to the apartment from being home for a few days. He enters the door covered in chili. Apparently, a truck driver cut him off and he thought the best idea was to throw his mom’s chili out the window at the f**king truck. He said he got a lot of it on the windshield of the truck, but it wasn’t his brightest idea.Beads of Strength

My friend used to keep a bag of BBs in his car and would toss a handful at the windshields of anyone that pissed him off.Time to Get a Gun

worst road rage experiences, reddit road rage, time to get a gun
On a side road coming up to a main road with a downslope to the left. Looked left, looked right – nobody coming. Pulled out, looked in my rearview mirror and there was a beatup pickup riding my bumper. I sped up, the asshole sped up, and we were doing nearly eighty with the guy inches away, whipping the steering wheel back and forth. We got to a major intersection, and he yelled “Are you stupid or crazy?” and raced off. That’s when I bought the Glock.Panic Rage

I was trying to park in a very narrow garage. Had only been driving a week. Couldn’t reverse park, so drove in forwards. It was a back street and cars were starting to queue up as I was taking so long.I raged so hard at myself that I kinda just crunched it in, first dismounting the front corner of the bumper which I then had to duct tape up until I could afford to get it repaired, then crunching and scraping the side of the car.

Minivan Madness

worst road rage experiences, reddit road rage, minivan madness
My dad has quite a temper. It was a warm Saturday morning and he was driving me the ten minutes it takes for us to get from our apartment to my job downtown. We’re in his black 740 cruising in the middle lane and notice a blue minivan weaving back and forth through the minimal traffic. He was blocking most of the lanes but we zipped passed him, which angered him. He gets right up close to the car, pacing us, sees me and starts licking the glass and basically making it look like he’s jerking off towards me. Pop roared like a bull and the minivan stops gesturing and speeds up. Pop speeds up and cuts him off, so the minivan is honking and screaming out the window when we hit traffic. Pop lowers the shade to the back window and pops the trunk, where his metal bats are. Minivan backs up, takes the nearest exit cutting off many cars. I’m sitting in the passenger seat like what the flying f**k. It all happened in less than five minutes, this crazy ass guy in a minivan with four car seats in the back (empty thank god) in a three piece suit acting a fool.Catch Up and Slipper

I don’t have a worst, but I saw a guy pass a car only to pull over and throw a slipper at it as they passed.Legit Freakout

A couple years ago, I was at a stop light. It turned green, but there was a police car with its lights on that was heading toward the intersection. The guy in the car behind me was freaking out that I wasn’t going. At first they honked furiously, then they got out and started screaming obscenities at me. The police car had to weave around stopped cars, so this went on for a little while. The guy got back in his car and bumped my bumper and laid on the horn.Finally, the police car passes and we move up to the next stoplight. The guy pulls up beside me, which made me pretty nervous. He honks his horn and signals for me to roll my window down. I’m looking around trying to figure out if I can run the red light to get away, but I can’t. I’m female and I was alone. It was late at night. I was ready to piss my pants. I decided that the best way to diffuse the situation was to just roll my window down and try to calm the guy down. Before I even say anything, he says to me “Oh my god, I’m soooo sorry. I didn’t see the cop there.” WTF, man…

F**king Dick

worst road rage experiences, reddit road rage, f**king dick
Some guy kicked a dent into my tailgate.F**king dick.No Joke

This asshole cut me off before we got onto a major freeway and pissed me off. Somehow I ended up in front of him and to get back at him I would drive slow in the fast lane when there was someone beside me then speed up once I passed that person to get to the next car, where I would proceed to drive slowly again.This went on for like 5 minutes before the dude got really pissed, and whipped around beside me. He was incredibly pissed. He rolled down his window and was yelling at me, but I just gave him a shit eating grin, because it was honestly hilarious. Now, I’m a scrawny guy that drives a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire (I don’t have power windows so I couldn’t engage in his banter), and this guy was some oil rigger in a pickup trunk, so I think he felt like he needed to assert his masculinity or something. He started throwing shit at me he was so pissed. At first it was rocks, but then he picks up a tire iron and threatens to throw it at me. I was basically shitting myself at this point so I stopped trying to piss him off and got off on the next exit.

Learned a lesson and now I generally don’t try to piss people off while driving anymore.

Hockey Tryouts

worst road rage experiences, reddit road rage, hockey tryouts
I was a few cars back, but there was an impatient taxi driver who was sitting behind one other vehicle at a green light. They didn’t hit the gas the second it was green, so the cab driver honked his horn. The first driver got out of his vehicle, opened the trunk and took out a hockey stick before smashing the shit out of the window of the cab driver.Oh, Canada.Up and ATM

A freezing cold Tuesday morning, this girl cut me off going into the drive thru ATM, so I parked and walked to the walk up ATM. Right when I was about there, she hopped out of her car (while it was in the drive thru line) and put her ATM card in. Something in me went f**king nuts and I let her have it. I screamed at her, saying how rude she was and that you can’t get in the drive thru ATM, leave your car in line and use the walk up ATM. I got back in my car and got behind her in the drive thru line and blared on my horn while she was still at the walk up ATM.







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