Redditors Share Best Exit Strategies For Boring Conversations – Take Notes

Redditors Share Best Exit Strategies For Boring Conversations – Take Notes

We’ve all been there: you’re at a party and you’ve been cornered by someone you absolutely don’t want to talk to. Maybe they’re suffering from halitosis and the smell is killing you. Perhaps they don’t know how to shut up, and are unable to pick up your obviously disinterested social cues. No matter the details, we’ve all been socially cornered and itching for a smooth escape plan. So, when the Reddit user AmberBrooks35 posted a prompt question about this very dynamic, the thread immediately exploded with answers.

Her prompt read:

“You’re at a party and find yourself stuck in a conversation with someone you don’t especially want to talk to about something you’d really rather not be talking about. What’s your best quick escape line or move?”

Unsurprisingly, Reddit had a lot of creative exit strategies for boring conversations.

This one is basically choreographed slapstick.

Some tactics danced on the line of threatening your conversation partner.

If this doesn’t do the job, I don’t know what to tell you.

The thread included some tried and true methods.

This sentence is best pulled off in another language.

While others elaborated on the classic bathroom break move.

Honestly, this would probably start a whole new conversation.

There were absurd trolling answers.

Although this feels emotionally apt.

As well as some high drama.

Blood is always a good party trick.

One Reddit user went in-depth on the “Midwestern Escape” which essentially weaponizes politeness to escape a conversation.

Getting a party sidekick is always a foolproof move.

One commenter used diabetes as an excuse.

I mean, if they actually have it then it’s valid.


Arguably the best escape plan went full meta.

This one deserves a clap.

The next time you find yourself cornered at a party, just remember, this thread is here for you with plenty of hot escape tips.

That dog is all of us.


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