Redditors Reveal – Their Most F*cked Up Family Secrets – You Need To Sit Down For This


Where is the best place to expose your family secrets? How about Reddit…

Falling down the rabbit hole is an easy thing to do at AskReddit, where threads continue to inspire head-shaking on a variety of subjects. Some threads are too messy while some of them oversell themselves by title.

With this particular thread — “What Is The Most F*cked Up Family Secret You Know?” — the answers do not disappoint those looking for the creepiest tales imaginable. The content does, however, inspire awe at how these people are able to function in the world with such horrific histories lurking in the backs of their minds.

While scrolling through reddit to find the content for this article, I came across a few more fucked up secret stories that were not related to families, but were too messed up to leave out.

Maybe the safest place to store this secret stuff isn’t on Reddit or in the back of cupboards, but in a policeman’s notebook. If you know someone in your family has done something THAT dark, then you probably shouldn’t post it for everyone to read on the internet. Just sayin’.

5 replies on “Redditors Reveal – Their Most F*cked Up Family Secrets – You Need To Sit Down For This”

TinyTotTwatSwatter – lol, sounds like a priest.

… no my mistake, they prefer buttholes.

Thanks, I needed my daily dose of weird and fucked up. 😉

don’t we all…. hee hee hee 😉

Thanks for letting me know it was down, sometimes we don’t catch them when they break, so it helps us out when you flag them.

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