Reggie Bush Refuses To Pay Child Support To Mistress After She Broke Agreement To Get Abortion For $3 Million

Reggie Bush is playing hardball with his former side chick Monique Exposito.

Bush, who cheated on his wife, allegedly agreed to pay his side chick $3 million to have an abortion and to stay silent, but she collected the money and did neither. Now the former Buffalo Bills running back is refusing to pay any child support and things are starting to get messy.

Via Bossip

The woman who allegedly gave birth to Reggie Bush’s out of wedlock child last month said he’s balking at paying more money for the baby.

Monique Exposito told her friends and family that Bush is now playing financial hardball after she allegedly broke the terms of a confidentiality agreement between the pair about their encounters.

Exposito gave birth to Preston Alexander Exposito on Super Bowl Sunday after allegedly having two trysts with Bush. In exchange for Exposito’s silence and aborting the baby, Bush allegedly agreed to pay her some $3 million, a source with knowledge of the situation told BOSSIP.

But she said the Buffalo Bills player is dragging his heels in paying her any more money after a series of stories about their alleged liaisons appeared in the media, the source said. The source added that the pair aren’t seeing eye to eye on future support payments, and Bush has balked at what Exposito is asking for.

Lesson here, fellas. Always wear a condom especially if you are worth a ton of money.

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