Report Finds It’s Quicker To Get Cocaine Delivered To Your Door Than A Pizza

Report Finds It’s Quicker To Get Cocaine Delivered To Your Door Than A Pizza

People living in England and Scotland can get cocaine delivered to their front door quicker than a takeaway pizza, a major global drugs survey has found.

More than a third of a thousand cocaine users surveyed in England and 500 plus in Scotland said they could get the drug delivered within half an hour – the fifth and sixth quickest in the world rankings.

This compares with 12 per cent of people in England and 20 per cent in Scotland who said they could get a pizza delivered in this time.

Across the world, 30 per cent of 15,000 cocaine users questioned for the 2018 Global Drug Survey said they would be able to get their hands on the drug within half an hour.

The report said dealers were competing for customers not only through product quality but through speed of delivery, with easy access and higher purity “likely to lead to escalating use and harms among people”.

It said: “With many cities covered with CCTV cameras, traditional street dealing is becoming less attractive to many suppliers and consumers.

“On the other hand, darknet markets allow drugs to be delivered through your letterbox and the rise of encrypted social media platforms makes ordering relatively safe.”

The report surveyed 130,000 drug users across 44 countries, including more than 5,000 in the UK, about recreational drug use and its impact on health.


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