Reporter Who Quit On Live TV For Medical Marijuana Faces 24 Years In Prison


Charlo Greene, the former news reporter at Alaskan station KTVA-TV and who achieved viral fame for quitting her job on the air after revealing herself as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, now faces up to 24 years in prison for eight criminal offenses. There are eight charges of “misconduct involving a controlled substance,” the attorney general’s office confirmed to the Independent.

Since walking off camera and leaving her on-air colleagues a bumbling hilarious mess, Greene has become an advocate to help cannabis users find access to the plant. Alaska became the third state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2014 through Ballot Measure 2, legislation that Greene outed herself on TV to help raise awareness.

It tracks that this story would have a happy ending. Pot advocate reveals her secret identity for a cause; said cause comes to fruition. However, there are never happy endings in the war on drugs.

From the Independent:

Although Alaska legalised the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana in 2014, it only came into effect in February 2015. Even though the state had not settled its regulations for retail operations in the interim provisional period, the Alaska Cannabis Club reportedly allowed people to purchase “memberships” and supplied marijuana when members made “donations.”

The Guardian learned that detectives jumped on the Alaska Cannabis Club by making six undercover purchases and two raids in the span of five months. While Greene, legal name Charlene Egbe, was not directly involved with any of those purchases, since the club was registered in her name, state prosecutors charged her solely. As a result, the 26-year-old may spend the rest of her adult life in prison for something that’s not even currently illegal.

Greene has pleaded not guilty. While no exact date is given, her trial is expected to start within the next few months.

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