Restaurant Slammed For ‘Racist’ Help Wanted Sign – Was It An Ironic Misunderstanding?

Restaurant Slammed For ‘Racist’ Help Wanted Sign – Was It An Ironic Misunderstanding?

Business at Kenny’s Home Cooking in Spartanburg, SC has ground to a halt following outrage about a racist ‘help wanted’ sign placed on its front door last week. As WYFF reports, would-be customers posted photos of the sign on Twitter and Facebook, where they went viral. Soon, a call to boycott Kenny’s was spreading across the internet. When you see the sign, you’ll understand why.

The staff of Kenny’s was completely shocked to suddenly find themselves at the center of America’s culture war. And none of them moreso than the owner, Japanese-American immigrant Sook “Sue” Shin. She claims her husband, who is Korean, bought the sign online. Because neither of them speak English as their first language, they confused the word “minorities” with “minors.”

Sook “Sue” Shin.

Shin took down the sign and replaced it with a handwritten apology.

Dear Customers. I am the owner Sue. I am really sorry for the sign that posted eariler [sic]. I didn’t know what it meant. After I know, I took it off immediately. English is not my first language. And I never thought about it again. I sincerely apologize for everything.

But business has been slow to return to Kenny’s. Many locals don’t buy the apology. After all, even though Shin isn’t, most of the staff are fluent English speakers. Wouldn’t one of them have pointed out the problem with the sign to her? Is she such an intimidating boss that nobody dared mention it?

Regardless of the explanation, the real sufferers are the employees, whose tips have dried up, and who may be out of a job if this doesn’t blow over.

Here’s the full report from WYFF.


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