Rich Man Pays For Woman’s Vacation Trips If She’s Willing to Act Pleasantly Surprised Every Time She Sees His Penis


Earlier this week, 50-year-old Edgar Posker flew 27-year-old girlfriend Edwina Sherlot to Prague under the condition that every time she saw his penis she’d act surprised, then happy.


“I prefer to spend my money on experiences, not items. I care about people and Edwina is fantastic,” says Posker, who is extremely rich. “I flew her to Prague so she could experience the beauty of the city, and also so she could act pleasantly surprised every time I showed her my dick.”


“I want her to be like, ‘Wow, it’s so big,’ every single time she sees it. Because it is.”


Sherlot reportedly works at an advertising agency in Brooklyn, however over the past few months the pair has been spotted in local spots throughout Florence, Brisbane and Tokyo.


“I quit my old job,” Sherlot says. “My new job is finding new ways to show I’m utterly shocked by the girth of Edgar’s penis. Sometimes it’s a gasp then a smile, sometimes it’s an ‘oh my god’ then a big ‘yay’… I usually practice my reaction in the mirror. I don’t want Edgar to send me home.”


Sources confirm the pair dined at celebrity hangout Chiltern Firehouse in London on Wednesday, then discreetly went upstairs to their hotel room.


“It’s a gorgeous lifestyle,” says Posker. “And it’s all Edwina’s for the low low price of acting shocked and delighted every time I drop trou.”


“Their dynamic is fucked up honestly,” says Chelsea Garson, a friend of Edwina’s. “He orders for her. She doesn’t say anything. At one point, she grabbed his crotch under the table and screamed, ‘OOH, THAT’S A BIGGIE!’ That’s the only thing she said all night. But I guess Prague seems pretty cool?”



Earlier today, Sherlot posted a selfie of her and Posker on a Tahitian beach captioned, “That vacation life.” She did not mention her pact with Posker’s penis, but she did use the hashtag #BigPenisAlwaysCatchingMeOffGuard.


At the conclusion of the interview, Posker pulled out two tickets to Paris and handed one to Sherlot. Almost immediately, Sherlot grabbed her companion’s belt, unbuckled it, whipped out his penis, pretended to faint, then lifted her head to whisper, “Now THIS is an amazing cock.”


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