Richard Branson Says He Had To Call An Ambulance When He Lost His Virginity

Richard Branson Says He Had To Call An Ambulance When He Lost His Virginity

Losing your virginity is one of those things you’ll remember for the rest of your life, though sometimes it’s not for all the right reasons.

Things can happen, which you’d rather forget, whether it’s to do with time, the correct etiquette, or, in certain cases, the person.

For mega-rich businessman Richard Branson, who’s life is filled with unbelievable memories, his first time in the sack is a completely different kettle of fish.

The 67-year-old recently revealed how it went down at the launch of his new autobiography Finding My Virginity, which pretty much says what it does on the tin in this context.



While doing the deed Branson got the stroke his ego really needed, as his then lover began to pant and breathe heavily, leading him to believe he was a natural. Unfortunately for him, the girl was having an asthma attack.

“I thought I must have been the greatest lover of all time, because the lady seemed like she was enjoying it until she whispered in my ear ‘asthma attack, asthma attack’,” the businessman said at the event.

“The ambulance brought me back down to earth with a bump.”

You can’t really imagine having to explain that one at A&E, can you? At the time, Branson was, as he says, brought back down to earth, but it doesn’t half make a good story to tell at the pub now.

The title of his second autobiography wasn’t his first choice title, the Mirror reports, but is a fairly clever play on the name of his company, Virgin.


“I think our publishers decided that it would only be sold in Soho backstreet shops so I was talked down of that one,” he added.

“I did a book about flying and I wanted to call that one ‘Getting It Up’ and they wouldn’t let me do that either.”

Branson is now happily married to Joan Templeman, after they tied the knot in 1989, spending a lengthy 28 years as man and wife.

Together they have two kids, their daughter Holly and son Sam, who are potentially the luckiest people in the world, thanks to their dad’s mass fortune which they’re likely to be the benefactors of for the rest of their lives.

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