Rikers Inmate Shows Off Weapon In Facebook Live Broadcast


In a video broadcast from a cell in Rikers Island, a prisoner shows off a homemade knife in an attempt to show how unsafe prisons really are and how easy it apparently is to smuggle an iPhone into jail. In the most chilling scene, the prisoner, who has since been released, boasts about a scalpel he had hidden in his mouth. The video was viewed an estimated 7,000 times on Facebook before it was either removed by the social networking site or the prisoner.

The footage was broadcast by WPIX, which pixelated the inmate’s face and withheld his name for his safety. For whatever reason, the metal detectors in Rikers weren’t able to detect the iPhone that was smuggled in to the unnamed former inmate.

“The officers feel we have no say, no rights, no freedom of speech,” the former inmate told WPIX.

A reporter from the station also had a discussion with the former prisoner about how he was able to obtain a scalpel.

PIX11: “Did a guard give it to you?”
Former Inmate: “No.”
PIX11: “How did you get it?”
Former Inmate: “I made it myself.”
PIX11: “Were you going to use it?”
Former Inmate: “Oh no, I wasn’t going to use it. I can fight. I can fight very well. I can defend myself. I wasn’t going to use the blade.”

The stream doesn’t do much to help Rikers’ reputation as a hyper violent Thunderdome in dire need of heightened security resources.  As for the video itself, Gizmodo reported that the inmate who posted the Facebook Live stream has been arrested and “is facing serious charges” for broadcasting from inside the prison.

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