Road Rage Fight Erupts As Drivers Attack Each Other With Fists Vs. A Belt


 SHOCKING FOOTAGE London fight sees drivers attack each other with belts
Shocking moment a vicious road rage fight erupts in south London street as drivers attack each other with fists and even a BELT
• A large man can be seen repeatedly punching another man seated in a car
• When the smaller male gets out, he takes off his belt and lashes the agressor
• But the larger male renews his offensive and pins the other man against a wall
• A cyclist intervenes and before one man lashes out with his belt again
• But it appears that both men then had enough and they returned to their vehicles
• The attack occurred on Friday at about 7pm and was filmed from a nearby bus

A vicious fight in south east London broke out in the middle of the street when a very angry lorry driver attacked a motorist and they fight – with fists and belts – surrounded by traffic in broad daylight.
The video shows a large, stocky man violently and repeatedly punching someone through the open window of a car.
He had been driving a lorry just behind the motorist before he started his violent offensive.
The fight, which erupted in the middle of three lanes of traffic, was filmed from the top floor of a double deck bus nearby at approximately 7pm on Friday.
The victim – a smaller male wearing a green t-shirt – then gets out of the car and the large stocky man immediately punches him again until the other male removes his belt and starts to lash him with it.

But the other male is so enraged that the belt does not deter him for long and he resumes his offensive, swinging repeated, forceful punches at the man.
He beats him mercilessly against a metal rail and a wall that borders the pavement until the other man jumps free and darts back into the road.
The men seem to have a discussion at this point, as traffic is still stalled all around them.


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