Road Rage Rampage – Thug Beats Down Woman


The man pursued the woman in his car before attacking her because she ‘scared his wife and child’

This is the horrifying moment a man dragged a woman from her car then stamped on her head before brutally beating her unconscious.

The thug reportedly launched the vicious roadside attack because the female driver who allegedly cut him up on the motorway ‘scared his wife and child.’

The thug reportedly pursued Lu Yang, 28, for miles before forcing her to pull over.

Forcing her to the side of the road in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, he then proceeded to dish out a savage beating because of the woman’s alleged bad driving.

Dashboard camera footage shows how he had leapt out of his vehicle and tried to attack her through the window.

Eventually, he wrenches the car door open and drags her out of the vehicle.

The horrific footage shows him then kicking her repeatedly in the head and throwing her around on the ground – leaving her with broken ribs and severe concussion.

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