Ronnie From ‘Jersey Shore’ And Girlfriend Seen Leaving Vegas Club Covered In Blood

Ronnie From ‘Jersey Shore’ And Girlfriend Seen Leaving Vegas Club Covered In Blood


TMZ posted photos of a very bloody Ronnie from “Jersey Shore” from some sort of altercation in Las Vegas. Ronnie Magro was photographed with his girlfriend and both of them had blood on them as they reportedly left TAO nightclub early Friday morning. Ronnie had blood all over his white t-shirt and his hand was wrapped in a plastic bag and almost looked like a boxing glove.

Why does it seem like all of Ronnie’s girlfriends are forever contemplating why they are involved in a relationship with Ronnie because of some stupid bar antics?

An eyewitness claimed that they saw Ronnie and his ladyfriend leaving the bathroom together at The Venetian hotel at 1:15 a.m. Friday morning. Another photo shows the hand of 31-year-old reality star have several cuts on his hand.

TMZ states that Magro’s rep says he was at TAO when a fight broke out, but Ronnie wasn’t involved, but “it got outta control.” Allegedly, someone threw a bottle or a glass and Ronnie blocked it from hitting his girlfriend, causing his hand to get cut. However, TAO alleges that no one else was involved in the incident except for Ronnie, who reportedly broke a bottle that he was holding. The nightclub says that the “Jersey Shore” star was treated by paramedics on-site. Security was apparently flanking Ronnie as he left the club, whether they were escorting him out or kicking him out is not clear.

Earlier this month, news broke that there was a “Jersey Shore” reunion being filmed in New Jersey.

But a photo of the cast includes everyone except Ronnie.

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