These Roommates Bought A Puppy With Nudes – The Internet Is In Awe

These Roommates Bought A Puppy With Nudes – The Internet Is In Awe

You don’t have to be currently immersed in the dating scene to recognize that nudes are a powerful currency of their own. While most of us are aware that a well-placed nude can make an interaction, and a badly placed one can border on violating, it’s rare to hear a story of nudes being used in place of actual money.

In a wild story, an clever apartment of women took the bait, and exchanged nudes for a brand new puppy.

The Twitter user Court (@courtaney03) blew the minds of internet users everywhere when she shared how her roommates exchanged nudes for an adorable husky puppy.

It all started when a guy asked one of the roomies for nudes in exchange for the puppy.

Luckily for them, the roommate Maria had nudes on hand from another friend to send.

Naturally, Maria got consent from woman featured in the nudes first.

She was down, so long as she looked good. This is a fair stipulation.

Once they got the green light, the clever group of roommates were able to secure themselves this adorable puppy.

Here’s a closer look at this baby beauty.

They appropriately named their new Husky baby Balto.

People on Twitter were completely invested in this tale of nudes and puppies.



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