Rose McGowan Shares Unconventional Topless Shot

Rose McGowan Shares Unconventional Topless Shot


When most celebrities strive to defy Instagram’s draconian nudity policies, the inherent sexualization of the female nipple, and artistic censorship, they tend to be a bit on the nose about their protests. Anyone who has been paying attention to actress Rose McGowan over the past few years knows that she likes to be a bit more bold and confrontational when making a public statement.

The actress recently shared a nude shot on Instagram where she freed her nipples right off of her body via Photoshop.

“I use my art/body/photography to explore the boundaries of being a woman and artist in a life lived on a large scale,” wrote McGowan. “I’m frankly not that interested in social media’s morés as they pertain to shaming me, nipples are not wrong, the body as art is never wrong.”

McGowan argued against the objectification of breasts in a previous post. “Yes, I have breasts,” wrote McGowan. “There is NO shame in having breasts. Fun fact: Just because a woman posts a photo with her breasts in them does not make it a photo that is sexual in nature.”

Last year, McGowan famously spoke out against Hollywood sexism when she put the casting description for an Adam Sandler movie on blast via Twitter.


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