A Roundup Of The Times Hollywood Joked About Harvey Weinstein Shows His Abuse Was An Open Secret

A Roundup Of The Times Hollywood Joked About Harvey Weinstein Shows His Abuse Was An Open Secret

​As more women come forward and allege that they’ve been sexually harassed, assaulted and — in three cases — raped by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, a handful of old clips are starting to surface on the internet of comedians and sitcoms subtly poking at Weinstein’s behavior.

Now that we know more about Weinstein’s actions, it’s pretty strange to hear such lighthearted jokes about something so ugly.

Courtney Love Warning Actresses of Harvey Weinstein in 2005:






In a 2012 episode of “30 Rock”, Jenna slips in a joke about turning down Weinstein’s advances:

30 Rock Official

Or in 2013, when Seth MacFarlane cracked a joke at Weinstein’s expense while announcing the Academy Award nominees for the best supporting actress category (MacFarlane confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that he was aware of Weinstein’s behavior)

 Cracken News

Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow and David Letterman joking about Harvey Weinstein “coercing” people into doing things. The audience laughs and claps. This week, Paltrow was one of the women to come forward and accuse Weinstein of inappropriate behavior.

 Don Giller

HBO’s “Entourage” had a recurring character based on Weinstein (named Harvey Weingard) whose defining character trait is that he’s an unrepentant jerk (though he never explicitly sexually abuses anyone):

 Anthony Brothers

And then there’s actress Asia Argento, who wrote and directed this scene based on her real-life encounters with Weinstein:

With the exception of Argento’s work, all these references above were played for laughs. Which feels weird. It’s weird to think the whole “Harvey Weinstein is a bad guy who often uses his professional power to intimidate young women into bending to his will” was such an open secret in Hollywood that comedians and writers felt they could make jokes about it.

Further, since it was still technically a secret, and most of the public didn’t really know the back story, one must wonder who these jokes were even written for in the first place.

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