Royal Navy On Stand By As Russian Warships Sail Towards English Waters


The Russian government have been accused of playing a ‘naval cat and mouse’ game after announcing their plans to sail an aircraft carrier through the English Channel.

The Royal Navy are preparing for the massive ship the ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ and its escorts to sail through British waters before it joins the country’s airstrike campaign against Syrian rebels.

The decision comes amid rising tensions between the UK and Russia over the Syrian civil war, The Mirror reports.


After passing through the English channel the Kuznetsov will sail through the North Atlantic and into the Mediterranean, docking off the coast of Syria where it will help support airstrikes in the war torn country.

Lord West of Spithead, a former First Sea Lord, has said that the Russians risk ‘inflaming tensions’ by posturing over Syria.


He told the Telegraph:

When people start posturing, things become dangerous. It all raises tensions and makes things more difficult and that’s not a clever thing to do.

It makes sense to have them monitored by a couple of Nato ships. The fact that the Navy is scrabbling around for a frigate is symptomatic of the fact that it’s a national disgrace we only have 19 surface escorts.

I find Russia very worrying at the moment. Their economy is on a war footing.


According to The Mirror a Nato naval source has revealed that the Russian ships could pass through British waters as early as next week, but they’ve assure the public not to panic saying: ‘we have got this covered.’

Several RAF planes including a Rivet Joint spy plane, C130 Hercules and Typhoon jets will also be on standby.


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