Russian Cop Fired After Video Of Her Sexy Dancing Leaks


Apparently, if you work as a police officer and you’re a woman, you can’t be seen as a sexual being in any capacity. That was certainly true in Mexico when Mexican police officer was kicked off the force for taking a topless selfie in her patrol car.

Now, a 26-year-old Russian cop known only as Kristina is learning that lesson after getting booted off the Moscow Metro force when a video leaked of her dancing suggestively.

According to The Daily Star, Kristina posted what looks like a rather innocuous video of her dancing while wearing torn up leggings to a private Facebook group consisting of other cops. She does a PG-13 rated dance before blowing a kiss to the camera and winking. All in all, it’s the kind of scene that’s tame by basic cable standards, much less scandalous career-threatening viral video standards.

However, that didn’t stop her colleagues from diming her out to the higher-ups.

From The Daily Star:

The video was reportedly filmed in her apartment and some viewers have suggested she may have been drunk.

Shortly after the video started to be shared online, Kristina was sacked.

She angrily retaliated by posting online: “I was fired because of a violation of discipline.

“There is nothing vulgar in the video,” wrote Kristina, which is basically true. Plus, it’s not like she was wearing her uniform when she was dancing. She was just goofing off on her own time.

Kristina plans on taking legal action to get her job back and even went as far as to take drug tests to prove her sobriety. It’s kind of bullshit she even felt the need to have blood drawn, but more power to her.

Meanwhile, over here in America, police officers can just spontaneously execute citizens in the street and get rewarded with a paid administrative leave.

Source    I AM Bored

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