Russian Rocket Dangerously Misfires During Parade


Ships, submarines, aircraft, troops and amphibious vehicles have been deployed in port cities across Russia displaying the force’s skills and capabilities to mark Navy Day.

The day of celebrations commemorates the victories of Russian sailors and is celebrated each year on the last Sunday of July, with parades of the Pacific, Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets and the Caspian Flotilla.

“On the last Sunday of July, we traditionally honor Navy servicemen and veterans, we congratulate workers of shipbuilding and repairing wharfs and research organizations of the military-industrial complex, all those who are inseparably connected with service at sea,” Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.


In Crimea, 20 ships, 35 aircrafts, 10 auxiliary vessels and 21 units of coastal military equipment graced the port of Sevastopol. Patrol ship Ladny orchestrated a fire at a simulated target. Following the parade, a video of the fire showing an apparent rocket launch failure appeared on YouTube.

Russian Rocket Dangerously Misfires During Parade

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