Russian Sailor Posts His Nightmarish Finds From The Depths Of The Sea –


Roman Fedortsov, a sailor from Murmansk, Russia, works on a fishing trawler and has an interesting hobby. Apart from his main job, Roman takes photos of sea creatures that appear in his hands and uploads them to his Instagram and Twitter accounts. His social media pages gained popularity very quickly and it’s not for nothing — the creatures he uploads amaze us with their beauty, uniqueness and sometimes frightening appearances.

20. Remora — a fish with a shoe’s sole on its head

19. When you drink too much coffee:

17. A spider that came from the depths of the sea


My wife knows how I’m afraid of spiders. This spider from the depths

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16. Bon appetite!

15. These ones look like little gnomes.

14. Deepwater redfish with expressive eyes

13. What a cutie!

12. The beauty from the bottom of the sea


The Beauty from the Sea Bottom. Красота со дна морского

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11. “I’m flying!”

10. Scary teeth!


Teeth #FishingDaily #instagramfishing #fish #fishing #instafishing #instafish

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9. Crazy squid


Crazy Squid ? #FishingDaily #instagramfishing #fish #fishing #instafishing #instafish

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8. Beautiful to some, ugly to others…

7. Is it poisonous?


Всех Девушек с 8-м марта! All Girls with 8th of March!

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6. Would you dare to hold this in your hands?

5. Gorgeous lumpfish

4. Looks like a little sun

3. Not a fish, but still amazing!

2. A new beautiful artifact

1. This one looks unhappy…




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