Russian Woman Accused Of Murdering Husband, Feeding Him To Dog

Russian Woman Accused Of Murdering Husband, Feeding Him To Dog

Move over, “Grannyball Lecter.” There’s a new Russian murderess commanding our morbid fascination. Svetlana Batukova, 46, stands accused of murdering her husband, 66-year-old German retiree Hans Henkels in their home in Mallorca. The honeymoon apparently ended quickly given that the two were just wed in January after being together for two years. As you can probably infer, it was a turbulent relationship peppered with instances of domestic disputes that attracted the attention of local police.

That’s not even the worst part. Batukova allegedly then fed her dead husband to their dog while reportedly in the throes of a psychotic episode brought on by a booze and coke binge. In another tragic caveat, Henkels had just undergone surgery on his trachea, which left him without the ability to speak, and thus, unable to scream for help.

According to The Local, Batukova sliced the flesh off of Henkels’ arm and fed it to the same American Staffordshire bull terrier that she posed with for multiple Facebook photos. Authorities believe that Henkels had been drugged before being stabbed relentlessly and then left to bleed out on the floor of their home, located in the tony Spanish resort Cala Millor. Daily Mail reported that Batukova recently offered a hitman over $56,000 to take out Henkels — looks like she decided to save the cash and take matters into her own hands.

On Monday, Batukova appeared in court to face murder charges, although it’s not known if or when a trial will proceed given her state of mind during the alleged attack.



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Pretty dog. Not as nice as my Pitbull. She should have gotten a pet pig.

I bet it was a crime of passion. She was banging the dog. Based on what I have seen on the internet they are always Russian or Japanese women who do that sort of thing.

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