They Said We Would End Up Marrying Animals, They Were Right – 10 of the Weirdest Marriages

They Said We Would End Up Marrying Animals, They Were Right – 10 of the Weirdest Marriages


The man who is suing to marry his computer


An army veteran has challenged a court decision denying him the right to marry his laptop. Chris Sevier filed a motion to the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that if same-sex couples are allowed to wed, he should be able to tie the knot with his Macbook. The amateur model claims computers are his ‘preferred sexual object.” (In other words, he enjoys sex with the devices more than with “real women.”) He tried to marry the device, which he says is laden with porn, but Utah officials rejected the license on the grounds of “sexual orientation.” However, considering the precedents set by the next few stories, he will probably get his way in no time. (Source)


The Russian man who married a pizza


Struggling to find the love of your life? This Russian groom found his soulmate in a pizza. The unnamed man married the dish after becoming fed up with being single.

The bizarre wedding ceremony took place in a pizzeria in the city of Tomsk, in south-central Russia. The newlywed admitted he did not have a deep, meaningful relationship with his “bride,” but decided to go ahead with it anyway, as there was “mushroom” for improvement in traditional relationships between two people. (Source)


The woman who married her cats after her last relationship ended in heartache


After a painful breakup, many women believe they’ll never find love again. But for 48-year-old web designer Barbarella Buchner, finding another man after her seven-year relationship ended has been the last thing on her mind—because she believes she’s found happiness, companionship, and emotional fulfillment with her cats.

As incredible as it sounds, Barbarella thinks she’s found not one, but two soulmates in the form of her male moggies, Spider, and Lugosi. Her devotion to them is so strong that ten years ago she even married them in an online ceremony.

In 2004, Barbarella decided to make it official and looked into ways to marry her cats. She found a website called The site has a list of rules they expect the human marrying their pet to adhere to. (You are not allowed to mistreat your pet in any, for starters.) Once Barbarella was approved and had paid a small fee of about £20, she tied the knot with Lugosi and Spider in a quickie online ceremony, where she clicked on the words “I do.” (Source)



The artist who married a rock claiming she felt protected by it


Artist Tracey Emin has revealed she’s married a rock. Known for her dedication to her work, and out-there projects, she tied the knot with the ancient stone in France, and “saw it as a protection thing as opposed to a fearful thing.” According to reports, she married the rock wearing her father’s white funeral shroud.

The artist also revealed she no longer has sex, and instead focuses solely on love and work. (Source)


The Tokyo man who became the first person to marry a video game character


Nene Anegasaki is a witty, doe-eyed beauty. She looks perfectly perky in sexy skirts, doesn’t pick fights and is always at one Tokyo man’s beck and call—that is why the 27-year-old decided to marry her.

The only complication: She is a video game character in the Nintendo DS game called “Love Plus.” Still, that didn’t stop Sal 9000—the only name the groom would give—from marrying Nene in a ceremony witnessed live by thousands on the Web.

The wedding happened in 2009 and became the first human-to-avatar union. Clad in a white tux, Sal married Nene in front of friends and Web users watching the ceremony live online. ()


The woman who tracked down her sperm donor and married him


A year after Aminah Hart had her daughter Leila by an anonymous sperm donor, she tracked him down, because she wanted her little girl to know her father. The new mom found the donor, they quickly fell in love and, in December 2015, married.

The London-born Australian woman chose Scott Andersen’s profile because he described himself as happy and healthy. Hart found Andersen through a series of Internet searches based on knowing his first name and profession as a cattle farmer. She contacted him through the IVF register and sent him a photo of Leila. They agreed to meet/

Andersen and Hart began spending more and more time together, and things soon turned romantic. Hart wrote a book about their love story, (How I Met Your Father) and a movie is in the works. If their story isn’t a romcom, then I don’t know what is. (Source)


The woman who changed her name to Beautiful Existence and married herself in Paris


This woman has only herself to blame if her latest marriage fails.

Beautiful Existence—a 42-year-old mother of two from Seattle who legally changed her name from Desiree Longabaugh—spent $7,000 to marry herself under the Eiffel Tower in Paris after going through a painful divorce ten years ago.

Existence said she always dreamed of tying the knot in Paris and decided she would have a small ceremony there in June 2015, complete with a photographer and three of her closest friends.

Marrying oneself is becoming a surprising new trend. In 2015, Yasmin Eleby, from Houston, Texas, married herself after failing to find the man of her dreams before turning 40. (Source 1 |Source 2)


The man who married his smartphone in Vegas


There are plenty of quickie weddings that take place in Las Vegas, but one man traveled to Sin City to say “I do” to his smartphone. Aaron Chervenak, 34, from Los Angeles, married his cellphone at The Little Vegas Chapel in Nevada in 2016 in an attempt to make a point about society’s growing devotion to—and reliance on—smartphones.

Aaron explained that when he arrived in Vegas, he contacted a chapel to see if they would be willing to hold the “slightly unorthodox ceremony.” He was pleased to learn that they were more than open to it.

His black iPhone was dressed in a white case and perched on a decorated stand which was placed next to him in the front of the chapel. There were even a few guests at the bizarre nuptials.

Unfortunately, not everyone was supportive of the union. “In 18 months he’ll upgrade,” one YouTube user commented on the wedding video shared online.



The Thai man who married his dead girlfriend in funeral/wedding ceremony


A Thai man married his dead girlfriend in a funeral/wedding ceremony after she passed away in a traffic accident. Chadil “Deffy” Yuenying married his girlfriend of ten years, Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook, and posted the pictures of the ceremony on Facebook. According to online sources, they had planned to get married but delayed their nuptials because Yuenying wanted to finish his studies first.


The woman who married her horse


In 2014, the Supreme Court of Denmark was forced to recognize the right of a 28-year old animal rights activist to marry her horse, creating a legal precedent and opening the path to human-animal marriage across the country.

Milanja Broskvit pleaded the case that she and her husband, Thorgen, were victims of speciesism, a prejudice similar to racism or sexism.
“The differences between our species does not make us inherently different. The treatment of individuals is predicated on group membership and not morally irrelevant physical differences. The argument is that species membership has no moral significance,” Broskvit pleaded before the Supreme Court. (Source 1 | Source 2)


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“The Thai man who married his dead girlfriend in funeral/wedding ceremony”

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