San Bernadino Man Beaten By Cops After Stealing Getaway Horse Gets $650,000 Settlement

San Bernardino County sheriff's officials are caught on tape beating 30-year-old Francis Jared Pusok after Tasing him on April 9, 2015. [KNBC-TV]


On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported  San Bernardino County will pay $650,000 to Francis Pusok. A news helicopter filmed a video of Pusok being beaten and kicked by sheriff deputies after he stole a horse. To remove him from the horse, a deputy used a Taser on Pusok, who fell off the stolen horse. Numerous deputies then ran up to him as he lay on the ground to attack him.

Pusok was kicked at least 15 times, punched over 30 times and did not receive medical attention for 45 minutes following the attack. Pusok planned to sue the county over the attack. By taking the settlement, the Pusok agreed to drop the lawsuit.

San Bernandino County is investigating the deputies involved in the attack. The FBI is also involved in the investigation. Thus far, ten deputies have been placed on leave.


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