Sandusky Son Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse

Sandusky Son Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse


 One of Jerry Sandusky’s six adopted children is following in his father’s footsteps—and it’s not as a football coach. Jeffrey Sandusky is on his way to a Pennsylvania state prison after pleading guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuse, reports CNN. Under a plea deal, the 41-year-old will spend between three and eight years in prison. Prosecutors say Sandusky pressured a teenage girl under 16 to send him nude photos, the New York Times reports. After her father reported messages from Sandusky to police last year, investigators discovered that he had asked the girl’s sister to perform oral sex on him in 2013, when she was 13. He pleaded guilty to charges including soliciting sex from a child younger than 16.

Authorities say Sandusky, a former state prison guard who knew the girls through dating their mother, tried to persuade them that what he was doing was normal, saying “it’s not weird because he studied medicine,” but asking them not to show his messages to anybody. Sandusky, like his mother, Dottie, loyally supported his father through his trial for the sexual abuse of 10 boys, the Times notes. Sandusky will now be classed as a Tier III sex offender, Pennsylvania’s highest level, meaning he will have to register with state police for life and verify his information four times a year.

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