Santa Claus Dies At A Party For Kindergartners In Siberia


A committed Father Christmas  performer has collapsed and died during seasonal festivities at a kindergarten in Siberia.

A video shows how the Russian Santa was energetically performing with excited young children before he suddenly stood still and fell backwards.

Some of the youngsters can be seen thinking perhaps his collapse was all part of the game, which involved them touching their noses, and some rushed towards the fallen figure.





But the actor playing white-bearded Дед Мороз (Ded Moroz) or Grandfather Frost, as he is known in Russia, had collapsed next to the decorated Christmas tree with a heart attack.

Another cast member, a woman dressed as a clown, is seen rushing behind the tree to help the stricken Santa.

Actor Valery Titenko, 67, had complained of chest pains but wanted to perform so as not to let down the children

His health had been poor and he had undergone working heart surgery but was still working

He had been given a day off from the theatre but insisted on attending the children’s festive party.

‘The man felt ill in the kindergarten,’ said a medical source.

‘He was taken in an ambulance but died on the way to the hospital.’


In Russia Santa – Ded Moroz, or Grandfather Frost – gives presents to children at midnight on New Year’s Eve and is usually dressed in red but is also seen sometimes in a blue costume

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