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Savage Dog Completely Ruins Family Christmas Photo

Savage Dog Completely Ruins Family Christmas Photo


It can be pretty tricky to master the perfect family Christmas photo but nothing quite compares to this dog’s photobombing skills.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in these situations, with a vast potential for pranks and stupid faces, but this little guy totally went for it, in quite an unexpected way.

On first look you might be wondering what the family are all distracted by, as lots of them seem to be looking down at something in the middle of the frame, with various expressions on their faces.

The extent to which this dog savaged this special family moment though is too much to handle…

Here he is in action:


There he is, seizing the perfect opportunity to empty his bowels onto a newly hoovered, pristine carpet without a care in the world and why wouldn’t you?

It’s the ultimate photobomb that’s clearly been met with differing levels of horror and amusement, as the family members helplessly watch on, Elite Dailyreports.

This little girl looked tense however, as the family pet availed himself in front of the perfect family, photo op.

Giving quite the opposite reaction, this family member seemed to find the whole grim scenario, highly hysterical.

She even closed her eyes in gleeful pleasure as the dog drops a giant dump on the carpet.

This guy almost looks like he’s impressed at his dog’s magical timing.

Not all of the family members were as thrilled though…

The couple in the middle seem to epitomise the inner turmoil that must’ve been happening that day.

Half of the room is split wanting to laugh and admire the dog’s moment of glory, whilst the others are contemplating the clean-up…

The perpetrator behind this stinky present though, looked every bit like his filthy plan had been completed.

With a knowing look in his eye, he surveys the camera and doesn’t hesitate before dropping his load.

This will certainly be a Christmas to remember…

Maybe put the dog outside next time you want to take the perfect snap.

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