We All Saw It Coming: The Playboy Empire Is Going Up For Sale

We All Saw It Coming: The Playboy Empire Is Going Up For Sale

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Less than two months after Playboy launched a major rebrand by tweaking the aesthetic of its photos to be more in line with the masturbation trends of today, the company is reported to be up for sale.

According to the Washington Post, the whole company is available for purchase, including the web site, the magazine, its licensing deals, entertainment extensions like The Playboy Channel, and even the mansion itself. Their combined value is estimated to be about $500 million. This comes just a few weeks after news broke that solely the Playboy mansion was going on the market for $200 million.


Playboy chief executive Scott Flanders told CNN on Thursday that the sale of the company “arose out of the interest in the sale of the mansion.” Which may or may not have been the plan all along. Flanders notes that “several well funded entities have expressed interest.” It seems the social media-savvy, selfie-tastic repositioning was too little, too late.


Presumably, Hugh Hefner and his young bride Crystal Harris would be evicted from the Playboy Mansion before any new tenants moved in, but maybe the company will give buyers the options to purchase them as part of the package. If anything, the resulting zoo-like set-up could serve as an informative living history museum for youngs curious about what porn used to be like.

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We All Saw It Coming: The Playboy empire is going up for sale


4 replies on “We All Saw It Coming: The Playboy Empire Is Going Up For Sale”

Clearly trying to scuttle the sinking ship since the “no-nudity” plan backfired!

Well I guess I could put in a bid… …um, anybody got change for a dollar?

The sad death of a once great empire. I gotta go hit up pornhub cuz thinking about this made my dick go limp and I can’t have that.

I haven’t bought their publications since I discovered USENET. Most of you don’t even remember USENET.

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