Say What? Wrongfully Convicted Tennessee Man Gets $75 After Spending 31 Years In Prison!

A man who spent most of his adult life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit was compensated just $75 (£60) when he was released.

Lawrence McKinney was sentenced to 115 years behind bars in 1978 for a rape and burglary. He served 31 years and nine months.

He was exonerated in 2009 thanks to DNA evidence and was eventually released. Although nothing can make up for being innocently sent to jail, those who are found to be not guilty usually get a hefty pay out.

For example, Anthony Graves, who was wrongly convicted of killing six people and served 18 years in prison was given $1.4 million (£1.1 million)

However, Lawrence was handed just $75 when he was released. Under Tennessee law he could be eligible for up to $1million (£80,000) and yet his request has been rejected twice by the parole board.

Lawrence told CBS: “I don’t have no life. All of my life was taken away.” He has since struggled to make ends meet, while his lawyer, Jack Lowery, attempts to get him the compensation he deserves.

The case has now been to the governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam who will make the final decision.