School In Humpty Doo, Australia Burgled By Half-Naked Men With Crocodiles

School In Humpty Doo, Australia Burgled By Half-Naked Men With Crocodiles

357[1]The heist starts with the breaking of a glass door pane, through which three crocodiles are shoved. Why? Well, police assume it was meant to scare away anyone who might have already been in the office. Breaking the glass, of course, served two purposes. There’s the crocodile delivery system, but it also allowed the criminal masterminds to unlock the door from the outside.

After getting the door open, three shirtless men enter the room (which I feel I should stress is now lousy with crocodiles). They start rooting around behind the office desk and a fourth person enters, but he seems to have a little trouble navigating all that broken glass. He finally gets inside the office though, and makes his way over to the desk. He hangs out there briefly while the other three continue to scramble around and then he just turns around and leaves. Honestly, this guy seems like he’s dragging the rest of the team down. Finally one of his buddies grabs the computer monitor and everyone tries to flee.

The fleeing doesn’t go very well because the monitor, like most computer monitors, had all these wires plugged into it. Wires that were attached to other things. Our shirtless robber tries to yank the monitor free, which seems to work at first, but while rounding the corner of the desk he appears to drop it. When he gets the door his hands seem to be empty, and it doesn’t look like any of his friends made it out with anything either.

When the police arrived, there was still the matter of the crocodiles to deal with. Sadly, this wasn’t all just a harmless incident that resulted in nothing more than some damage to an office. If you can believe it, these geniuses weren’t very good at taking care of crocodiles. From the New York Times:

“Police attended, and managed to, with the aid of a ranger, get the crocodiles in custody, if you like,” Senior Constable David Gregory of the Northern Territory Police told reporters at a news conference.

“The ranger that turned up was very concerned for them — they had their mouths taped shut, obviously,” he said. “They’re in very poor shape, they haven’t seen water for a long time, they’re undernourished.”

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