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This School Lunch Will Put You Off Hamburgers For Life

This School Lunch Will Put You Off Hamburgers For Life



Is this the most disgusting hamburger you have ever seen? Quite possibly.

An image of an overcooked burger has been sent around the Internet after it was served up in a school’s canteen to a pupil in Pennsylvania, USA.

The piece of meat (and I use the term lightly) was photographed and shared on Facebook group DuBoisLive and has since attracted nearly 400 comments from people questioning whether it is safe for human consumption or not.

Image credit: Facebook/DuBoisLive/ABC6News

Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry of DuBois Area School District said the burger was safe to eat, but admitted that it looked unappealing because it had been overcooked.

He added that 300 burgers had been served that day, but the district had only had one complaint.

“Food service workers cooked the hamburgers at 170 degrees, when typically they are only required to cook at 155 degrees,” Lansberry told WAJC TV.

Facebook users on the other hand disagree entirely.




Image credit:Facebook/DuBoisLive

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3 replies on “This School Lunch Will Put You Off Hamburgers For Life”

When I was a teacher we had a rule of thumb. Is this good enough for your child? If not, it’s not good enough.

Well yeah, if they had cooked it at 155 the pustules wouldn’t have burst. At 170 though they burst and you lose all that flavor.

That looks exactly like the garbage we were fed when I was in school (and the hot dogs were actually purple). I had just assumed that it had surely improved by now. Apparently some things never change

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