Schoolgirl Dares Friend To Hit On Step Dad, Gets A Huge Shock

A video claiming to expose a stepdad who cheated on his wife with a teenager has been uploaded to Youtube.

The footage, which has been put on the channel To Catch a Cheater, claims to show 48-year-old Mr Peters being caught out after he is hit on by an 18-year-old girl.

Mr Peters’ stepdaughter Christina said she wanted to set up the trap using her friend Tara, using a hidden camera to film the exchange.

So Tara bumps into Mr Peters outside school, while Christina watches it all unfolding.

When the stepdad tells Tara he had to cut his gym session short to pick Christina up, Tara gives his biceps a squeeze.

In the clip, Tara makes sure she mentions how she is now ‘legal’ after turning 18, and invites Mr Peters to come to her party – although Christina ‘can’t make it’.

Christina watches in horror as Tara asks Mr Peters if they could have ‘dinner before’ the party.

The stepdad agrees to take Tara out for dinner and the teenager confesses to having always had a crush on him.

Here’s how it unfolded, in full…

At the end of the video, Christina calls Tara and they have what can only be described as one of the strangest arguments – which viewers said they think is staged.

Weird. Weird…


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