Science Tells Us What A ‘Normal’ Sex Life Is


Everyone wonders how their sex lives compare to everyone else’s.

Most of us thoroughly enjoy knockin’ boots, and we want to make sure that we are getting at least as much as the next person. Is it possible to know what’s normal, though? The only real way to know what people do in the bedroom is to ask them. As I mentioned already, people want to make sure they aren’t getting the short end of the stick in the bed, which may make some people less truthful than others in these types of surveys.

We do know a thing or two about ‘normal’ sex, and I present them in this article.

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First off, some people just don’t want the sex.

As much as 3% of people consider themselves asexual. The number of people that consider themselves asexual is actually on the rise as more people feel comfortable reporting aspects of their actual sex lives.



This may seem crazy to a lot of people, but some people just don’t have a sex drive.

This is the vast minority of people, though, and as shown above, some estimates are as low as half a percent of people.


Now for the rest of the population…


Before we get to the actual amount of sex people have, who do people have sex with?


I was surprised, but MOST people are having sex in long-term, monogamous relationships.

It looks like Tinder still has a big chunk of the population to work with. Roughly 36% of people have a friend with benefits (or a couple) or are in a casual, open relationship.


As much as 9% report having sex with an unknown acquaintance.


Ok, so on to the juicy stuff. How much sex are people having?

Now this is surprising. Apparently almost half of people are having sex one to three times per week. Really? An elite group of people (6.5%) are gettin’ it on more than four times per week. You may be surprised to know that this isn’t just young people.


Over 50% of 70-year-olds have sex twice a month.

Other older couples are REALLY enjoying their retirement. 11% have sex at least once a week.


Now that we know HOW much sex is goin’ down. HOW are people doing it. Oh my…

Most sex incorporates both oral sex and intercourse.

As the graphic below shows, most previous sexual encounters involve both foreplay in the form of oral sex and classic intercourse.


How long does sex typically last?


Lesbians don’t have as much sex, but their sex lasts the longest when it happens.




Now this next question hits us at our core. How many men and women fake having an orgasm?


As you may have guessed, women report faking an orgasm more than men.

I actually had no idea that a quarter of men actually fake orgasm also. The main reason for both males and females to fake orgasm is to make their partners feel happy.


So, what do you think about your sex life now?



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