Scientists Say Kelly Brooks Has The World’s Most Perfect Body

This woman’s name is Kelly Brook. She is a model, an actress and drop dead gorgeous.

She is a woman that does not conform to the image of the “perfect” female body the media wants us to believe in, but is still very popular among the male sex.

The University of Texas concluded that Kelly Brook has the perfect body thanks to the different body characteristics they analyzed and the proportions deemed the most attractive regardless of culture or background.

When asked, women and men to design the perfect body they opted for Brook’s voluptuous 34-24-34 looks above those of stick-thin models.

Obviously, Kelly’s body does not necessarily mean perfection as nothing is perfect in life and individual tastes are all relative.

It is simply the result of data analysis, but it’s worth noting that though she’s not perfect, she’s anything but ugly!

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The most impressive thing about all this is that Kelly has never wanted to change anything about her body, unlike the many celebrities that undergo surgery on a regular basis to fix all the kinks.

In her case, her beauty is much more natural and above all, more real.

“I always said that my mum gave me this face and body. I am most grateful. I will therefore not change what she gave me,” she says.


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