Scientists Discover The First Ever Consensual Sex Between Different Species, And There’s Video For You Sickos!

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Guys, HUGE news for civilization!

We found a solution to global warming.

The children of Africa have been fed and each given an Xbox.

For the first time in history, scientists have caught two animals from completely different species having consensual sex!!! A male Japanese macaque and a female sika deer in Japan GOT. IT. ON.

But that’s not to say that there hasn’t been forced sexual encounters between different species. As The Independent reports scientists had previously observed Antarctic fur seals harassing king penguins.

Japanese macaques have in the past been known to ride along on deer. But the researchers say that the monkey in the new study “showed clear sexual behaviour towards several female deer”. Some of those deer tried to escape – but others apparently consented to the behaviour and “accepted the mount”, the researchers write in the journal Primates.

Now I know what you’re wondering: what is the latest on the atrocity in Aleppo? What about the money shot??? Welp:

The researchers wrote that one deer “seemed to accept to be ridden by the male macaque”, and that it was apparently licking sperm that had been deposited on its back by the monkey. Another deer refused the mount and threw the macaque off its back.

Scientists believe that the cross-species sex is due to a phenomenon called “mate deprivation”, which occurs when animals don’t have access to females of their own kind.

You can also find this video on Pornhub. But you already knew that, you sick fuck.

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