Scientists Gave Cuttlefish 3D Glasses And A Bunch Of Shrimp… Because Why Not?


Sometimes you really come up with an amazing study idea, with a potential success rate of about 0%  to succeed. You’re colleagues may think you’re crazy, might even laugh at you, but you keep pushing it. And if you get to that point, you’d be where these scientists from a international team at the University of Minnesota, who decided to examine the cuttlefish and its field of vision while hunting, using 3D glasses.

We’re not talking about the latest tech that resemble regular glasses. No, the red and blue glasses of yore that used to come with the first “3D” movies. With any number of methods to measure these reactions to prey and stimuli, that the scientists opted for the retro method, especially with its challenges, is surprising. But it just makes for some of the best visuals possible so here is what happens when you put 3D glasses on cuttlefish and feed them lots of shrimp to do it. The results were even more surprising.


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So what’s next? Equip them with VR goggles and teach them how to bowl? This is what students take on thousands of dollars in loans for?

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