Scientists Have Just Discovered The World's First Warm-Blooded Fish

Turns out mammals and birds aren’t the only warm-blooded creatures.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the opah, and it’s blowing the science world away with the ability to warm its own body.


There are only a couple other fish that can raise their bodies’ temperatures, and they’re predators like tuna and sharks. But those fish are only able to temporarily become warmer during hunting before they have to recede to warmer waters and bring their bodies back to normal.

The opah, on the other hand, is able to stay in cold water indefinitely, their bodies staying at a temperature that allows superior biological functions like cardiovascular endurance.

The opah may look like a rounded orange cutie, but in reality its warm temperature makes it a fierce predator of the sea.

“It’s a remarkable adaptation for a fish,” says Diego Bernal, a fish physiologist at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, who was not involved in the study on the opah.

The opah lives in oceans all over the world, deep in their chilly depths.


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