SCISSOR SISTERS – Men Flock To A Sexy Barber Shop After Its Staff Is ‘Replaced’ By Strippers

A barber shop has hit upon a racy new way to attract customers.

Men flocked to Old Bay salon in Oskemen, Kazakhstan, after it enlisted beautiful young hair stylists to work almost completely naked.

The women left very little to the imagination – with one brunette was wearing nothing but a tiny black apron.

Two other girls wore only high heels, thongs and bras.

The hairdressers’ outfits left little to the imagination (Photo: CEN)

But customers’ suspicions – among other things – were aroused when the supposed hairdressers entered into a sexy clinch.

The girls were actually dancers from the nearby Zebra strip club and had agreed to pose for the photographs for an online advertising campaign.

Pictures from the salon caused a stir when they were posted on social media (Photo: CEN)

But that did not stop men, who recognised the salon from the pictures when they were shared on social media, from turning up in the hope of a trim from a scantily clad woman.

One Facebook user said: “I think my hair is too long, better go to the barber ASAP!”


The women were actually strippers from a nearby club (Photo: CEN)

Another commented: “Just wonder if there is anything similar for women? I bet there would be a queue for this kind of service.”

A third added: “I think it is time for us all to visit this wonderful client-oriented barber shop.”

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